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South African Medical Journal


The Central Drug Authority’s Position statement on Cannabis use in South Africa.

It’s taken the CDA a year since the Cannabis roundtable discussions to put out this position statement on the status of Cannabis use in South Africa.

After reading it I am still left clueless as to how we are going to move South Africa forward with regards to Medical Cannabis use?

The National Drug Master Plan emphasises the importance of an integrated approach to supply reduction, demand reduction, and harm reduction strategies for combating alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and other psychoactive substance use and abuse in SA. For any particular substance, the balance between these three strategies, and the precise nature of the approach taken, should be evidence based.

But nothing really seems to be getting done.

Thousands of South Africans are self medicating right now and something needs to be done to help them.

There is an online plethora of information available and South Africans are researching the heck out of it.

The Department of Health along with the MCC and CDA need to as a matter of urgency begin issuing new Medical Cannabis Licences to willing private individuals or companies.

By issuing new Medical Cannabis Licences to allow producers to grow whole plant Cannabis material and/or produce extracts Government will be showing it is indeed doing something and these Licences will enable regulation and competition which will result in superior products being made available to the public.

This is the only way forward.

Yours in Medical Cannabis.

Ralph Higgo

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4 thoughts on “South African Medical Journal

  1. The position paper on cannabis is more about alcohol than the holy herb itself and it’s many and varied uses and cures. Tis early days in the trials and rigor of scientific evidence based positions and postures. Hemp industry is bound to the land for harvest of psychoactive, medicinal and industrial fibre. Decriminalising,
    legalising, demystifying and destigmatising the business of cannabinoids are first steps.

  2. What’s Next, the benefits will be enjoyed by white people who have never even being incarcerated or beaten up nor even discriminated upon because of the sacred plant usage. The Rastafari bredrin are not dying of cancer so the whole bribery by the west to give the monopoly to the oppressors of the people is sickening. It’s not revolution to legalize it bt we need a total decriminalisation. Where are you on this one Ralph?

  3. Hi Ralph, there are NO licences for medical Cannabis in SA. Plandai phoney biotech crooks left for Uruguay years ago. I know that there are people who “claim” to have permits. I agree that someone should do something about medicine. We refuse to focus on medicine because we are not sick. We are going to court for EVERYONE.

  4. make it legal everybody can benefit from it

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