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LEGAL WEED in South Africa: YOUR OPINION? | Medicinal vs. Recreational Marijuana in South Africa

Legal Cannabis for medicinal use in South Africa?

Callum Campbell, a young South African youtuber raises some interesting points on the recent news that South Africa’s Medicines Control Council has suggested to the Portfolio Committee on Health that the Department of Health of South Africa consider rescheduling Cannabis.

The MCC’s Registrar of Medicines Dr Joey Gouws has suggested Cannabis change from a Schedule 7 (Dangerous with no known health benefits) to a Schedule 6 (Has some medicinal use and be available on prescription by authorised Medical Cannabis Dispensary’s only).

The Medicines Control Council is set to release a blueprint in January 2017 of how this process will be rolled out.
Please sign and share the petition in the comment section which calls for all qualifying people and businesses to have equal opportunity to apply for a licence to cultivate Medical Cannabis in South Africa and produce Medical Cannabis products. No monopolization.


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