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How to Ensure You’re Consuming Safe, Clean Cannabis

Cannabis Testing in South Africa

Below is a short report giving some tips on how to choose quality Cannabis in South Africa.

Unfortunately most South Africans will not have access to a Lab and HPLC testing facilities to test the quality of their Cannabis or Cannabis Oil so hopefully this will help you make a more informed choice when it comes to choosing Cannabis plant material.

Let’s hope when the MCC release their ‘blueprint’ of guidelines for accessing Medical Cannabis in South Africa, included will be guidelines or testing options for South Africans who are already using Cannabis and Cannabis Extracts.

There are scary stories circulating of South Africans using Cannabis Oil made with Naphtha and petrol.

Public health should be of the utmost importance to the Department of Health, the CDA and the Medicine’s Control Council going forward.

If you are wanting to obtain a permit to legally grow Cannabis for medicinal purposes in South Africa or access or buy Cannabis Oil or Medical Cannabis then please see the Medical Cannabis Application form which may provide more information on how to get a Medical Cannabis Permit or Card in South Africa.