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Medical Cannabis strains available in South Africa.

There is currently an auction underway on facebook.

It is to fund a peaceful protest for the upcoming court date where the South African Government has appealed the Western Cape High Court ruling that it’s a constitutional right for South Africans to use and cultivate Cannabis for their own personal use.

You can read more about this appeal by clicking here.

The South African Cannabis Auction is running as follows.

We have 3.5g of Chemdawg, Bubblegum, OG Kush and Chemdawg 4.

Each of these jars is flushed for 14 days and worth R600.00

Bidding starts at R300. Bids are per jar. One per winner.

Highest bid gets first choice of strain,  second highest bid gets 2nd choice,  third highest gets 3rd choice and 4th highest bid gets last choice.

Bids close at 10am on Monday.

Please keep Bids in intervals of R25+ to keep things moving forward.

To take part in the auction which ends Monday at 10:00am kindly look up “The Last Stand – Peaceful Protest” on fb.