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Buy Cannabis Oil products in South Africa

Cannabis Oil and Cannabis Oil Tinctures in South Africa.

Below is the list of Cannabis products which we have on offer.

Please note the products have not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or ailment.

Please speak to your doctor, oncologist or Health Care provider about using Medical Cannabis or Cannabis Oil products in South Africa.

Option 1.

‘FECO’ – Full Extract Cannabis Oil, also known as Rick Simpson Oil, FECO, Hash Oil and RSO.

We have two products available in this option.

One uses 99.6% Medical Grade IPA and the other uses 95% Food grade ethanol.

Please let us know which one you want when placing your order.

99.6% IPA
3ml (3000mg) – R1200
5ml (5000mg) – R1500
10ml (10 000mg) – R2800
30ml (30 000mg) – R7500
60ml (60 000mg) – R13 000

95% Food Grade Ethanol
3ml (3000mg) – R1500
5ml (5000mg) – R2000
10ml (10 000mg) – R3500
30ml (30 000mg) – R9500
60ml (60 000mg) – R18 000

Option 2.

Cannabis Oil tinctures. Made using 95% Food Grade Ethanol.

50ml Cannabis Oil Tinctures.

Non-decarboxylated *THC not activated. R550.00
Decarboxylated *THC activated R650.00

Option 3.

Cannabis/Coconut Oil infusions. South Africans buy this for Psoriasis, Eczema and/or Skin Cancer.

Cost is R750 for 50ml.

Please make use of the contact form for more information or to order.

In enquiry please state reason for needing Cannabis Oil.

For more information on Cannabis Oil in South Africa please click here.


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