Medical Cannabis South Africa

Medical Cannabis South Africa.

Aim and mission of Medical Cannabis South Africa:

    • Increase public awareness about Cannabis.
    • Education on the medicinal use and risks of Cannabis.
    • To encourage the South African government to recognize that Cannabis has therapeutic value and to modify its scheduling accordingly.
    • Expedite the licensing process.
    • Increase funding for independent research into Cannabis for medicinal and industrial use.
    • Identify the economic advantages and act accordingly
    • Industry insight.


South Africa has had a long and complicated history with cannabis. Despite this, marijuana, locally known as “dagga”, was used by an estimated 3.2 million South Africans in 2008. Moreover, South Africa is well known for its role in the global marijuana trade. Interpol estimates that South Africa is the fourth largest producer of cannabis in the world. The agency also estimates that a third of the cannabis seized around the world originates from South Africa.

The personal and private consumption of cannabis was decriminalized in 2018. However, much confusion remains as to the full effects that the new laws will have. Despite the fact that the public sale and consumption of marijuana is still illegal, the commercialization of cannabis has already begun.

Medical Cannabis South Africa, together with Biodata and Labat Healthcare have also launched an observational cannabis study.

This trial is for those South Africans who would like to explore the option of using cannabis to treat chronic pain.

If you would like to apply to participate in this trial study then please make use of the contact form below.