Medical Cannabis in South Africa.

The Cannabis material provided is for information purposes only and is not to be taken as Medical Advice.

Consult your Doctor regarding the use, effects and benefits of using Medical Cannabis in South Africa.

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We support responsible Medical Cannabis use.

Aim and mission:

  • Increase awareness of all the medicinal properties of the Cannabis plant.
  • Increase awareness of cannabis oil as a safe and alternative treatment for cancer.
  • To encourage the South African government to recognise that Cannabis has therapeutic value and to modify its scheduling accordingly.
  • Increase funding for independent research into cannabis, cannabis extracts and their therapeutic benefits.

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  1. Are there any studies conducted in the West Rand (Gauteng) wrt the effects of the oil when a person lives with depression and epilepsy. I would like to participate. Please.

    1. Hi Cannabis Folks
      The right form of Cannabis is valuable as a therapy. The cause of many health challenges however is nutritional deficiencies. I have worked in this field for decades. This list of nutritional deficiencies can be generally ranked in the following order of importance :

      Vitamin C
      Omega 3 oil
      Anti Oxidants

  2. Where can I get permit to grow mariyana in south africa

  3. Goeiedag, ek sal graag wil kontak maak met ‘n Epileptoloog of Neuroloog in Gauteng SA wat volwasse Epilepsie persone kan bystaan met Cannabis gebruik saam met Epilizine en Lamotrigine. Die meeste gevalle waarin Epilepsie medikasie nie meer help nie, is omdat die lewer so vergiftig is dat die medikasie nie meer op geneem word nie, en ook al die newe effekte daarvan. Alle Eer aan YAHSHUA en dat Hy hierdie mense gekies het om Cannibis weer die lig te laat sien. Almal wat negatiewe commentaar gee, gaan liewer op julle knieë en sê dankie Vader dat ek gesond is, en moet nie die mense wat regtig siek is van medikasie weerhou, deur kleinlike
    negatiewe opmerkings, julle mors goeie mense se tyd.

  4. This poor Ex-Smoker guy…

    1. Good day, I also need info on where to apply for a permit?

  5. Please can I have your email, I have questions that I need to ask.

    1. Please make use of the contact form to get in touch.

  6. Has anyone here had any success in obtaining a permit to legally grow their own plants for personal consumption or to run a commercial grow? If so would you be able to help out in pointing me and countless others in the right direction. i am absolutely obsessed with the plant and all it’s valuable properties and want it to be a part of my whole life. i want to help people where i can because i have seen the positive impact it has had on alot of people in an around my life.

  7. Hi, we farm in Eastern Cape, please could you send me your email, I have some questions regarding S21 application! Thank you

  8. To everyone that is on my page about medical cannabis or cannabis in general. I disagree that it should only be under the control of pharm/doctors/corps e.t.c. Its just another way for them to stuff their wallets and yet again manipulate the strains to only providing minimal effect in order to increase their sales and demand. I am a well experienced grower and I have grown in countries across the globe including South Africa for the past 20 years. I can tell you right now that it doesn’t take a PHD degree or any medical back ground what so ever to grow cannabis for medical use. In fact its all about the strains which are already available for purchase from allot of seed banks. In fact I bet that majority of the medical strains used by doctors are some of my own and fellow growers in Europe. If we were to hold any expo on samples I can guarantee you the doctors/pharms/corps would not come close to my results concerning CBD, THC e.t.c. Should this become yet another controlled substance for only doctors/Pharms/corps to farm and dispense then I will start the largest boy-cot that anyone has ever seen. I will literally dedicate all my time in littering the hills and mountains with millions of clones from all sorts for the people to gain access in a fair manor. If you don’t believe me then take a holiday to some of places that have already dealt with corporate bullies in this sort of industry. If you try suppress the growers of the trees then the black market will thrive more than ever. Yes I believe that there must be regulation but if it will only favor the income of the elite corporations and doctors alike then a boy-cot will be on the cards. Those of you with a medical profession expecting additional personal gain should think twice before rubbing those hands together cause all those strains, whether they hybrid or not, were all founded and initially grown by experienced people like myself. If anyone including myself that can or already has received sufficient training/knowledge in the cultivation of cannabis, cannot gain the relevant permissions to grow for themselves or others. I say watch this spot!

    1. Please can I have your contact details.

    2. I am quite interested in starting a small plantation for where can i get good quality seeds and what licence do in need to grow?

  9. Hey there,

    Do you know of any medical-grade,or decent outdoor indica in Cape Town?



    1. Please contact Hemp House.

  10. I am 60 this year. I have SLE, arthritis, brain disease since 2005. I have grown my own medicine since then but a family member through malicious intent reported me. I have to go to Cape Town to buy and take the risk of been caught. I now have a criminal record. I want to apply to grow again for my own use. I have a grow room set up but to scared to try again.

    1. Hey…

      I can grow for you xD

      I have a car and I’m trustworthy

  11. The people of South Africa needs medical marijuana cards, especially females, we suffer from menstruation, I need a medical marijuana card because I can’t handle the pain any longer

  12. Where can i apply for a license to grow cannabis.

    1. Did you get any response yet?

  13. Hi how can i apply for a license too legally cultivate and distribute medical marijuana ? ive been growing my own for a long time and have cultivated alot of my own strains through cloning and crossbreeding different strains but its hard too get people too notice this when its not really the legal way . ive been making my own cannabis oils and edibles for myself and family members that found the medicinal use for cannabis (i suffer from epilepsy ,my mother been living with cancer,bipolar,heart problems,blood pressure the list is endless ) please can anyone guide me too becoming a legal distributor in south africa?

    1. I also got cancer and do not know how to get hold of real pure cannabis olies. I am very affraid to do anything outside the law and thus has never planted any. I would not know were to start and wich seed tipe would be the correct one for cancer treatment. I also do not have the money to buy the cannabis oils that is available on the market. I can see that you do know all of that. I stay in the Free State and would please want to know if I can not please buy good cannabis oil from you. I have heard that the thick dark tipe that you use by putting one drop under your tong every day, is the best. Can I please buy that from you? I do not smoke, never will, so I please do not want the leaves that people smoke, I please want to buy the pure oil. Please sell to me only the ml what I need to use for the month, each month, I will realy be glad.

  14. Hey guys also wanting to know more about who to contact regarding the permit to grow.

    Please inbox me

    1. Would like to grow/plant marijuana as well and I need to know information on licencing and distribution to pharmaceutical companies.

  15. Where can i get a permit to grow plants for Canna oil producers?

  16. I have just completed preventative chemo therapy for ovarian cancer. I had four sessions every three weeks and it was the most dreadful time of my life. I will only know in December if I am clear. However I will not go back for chemo. Everybody tell me to try hemp oil. It is all good and well to take it, but how much do I take and where do I buy it. I have read so many positive outcomes for cancer patients.

    1. Do some research and get your facts right ex-smoker. If you wanna talk shit do it somewhere else. I have cancer and bipolar 1, psycosis, insomnia and asthma and nothing helps like cannibus. Im on half my meds and have never felt better. You probably buy over the counter narcotics that actually kills us and should be banned. The human body was never intended to consume bullshit chemicals so pharmaceutical companies can make billions and they dont create solutions or cures, only customers. My son studies industrial psycology and he started smoking with me, we both have adhd, his points increased by average 20%. So please go back to your pharmacy

    2. Cannabis and hemp oil differ if I am not mistaken, cannabis oil is what you need, there are even brilliant ways to make your own online and save yourself some cash, hope that helps?

  17. Cannabis oil is best eaten, it feels like a shame when people smoke and dab it as you lose all the health benefits.

  18. I Would like to be a willing participant (requiring a little payment) for research on marijuana effects if you provide any. I’m currently in Johannesburg , south Africa. Feel free to write to me if I can help.

    1. My son also got a epileptic problem and to see your own son getting fits is not a nice thing to see it called post trauma epileptic from a motorbike accident he had 3 years ago .

      Current he is using epilizine 500mg twice a day ,this medicine is not a 100 % answer ,because he still get fits ,due to ,some stuff that can triggers epileptic

      Such as over tiredness ,flashing lights ,cinnamon ,shock ,angriness .
      And he got a very big problem with sleep ,he battles to sleep and that is a very big problem.

      Because if he do not get enough sleep ,the next day he is over tired ,and then he get fits ,even if he uses epilem 500 twice a day .

      He don’t use alcohol as well ,because people with epileptic problems must not use alcohol at all.
      Also he does not smoke Tabaco .

      But he use /smoke wheat pure wheat which is grown indoors ,and not out doors . And this stuff help him to get enough sleep ,so that he does not get epileptic fits the next day .

      Please bear in mind that you should make a study about medical cannabis ,and you should use your own discretion.

      The best thing to do if you want to use medical cannabis is to order medical seed from Holland /Nederland ,there is lots of web sites ,just google it ,And there is lots of different medical cannabis seed special for your medical problem.

      Once you get the medical seed ,plant it in doors ,not out doors ,and as well you should make a study about how to grow medical cannabis seed ,just google it .

      Now the most important thing of everything is ,keep it quit ,don’t even tell your best friend about it ,you cant trust anybody ,nobody should know about it .

      Please bear in mind once you use medical cannabis ,you don’t ,never stop with your epileptic medication .

      Remember you get 2 tipis of medical cannabis ,
      1. Called Sativa this work with your mind only.For day use only it helps with energy ,stimulating makes head high ,cerebral uplifting creativity focus fight depression.

      2. Called Indica for knight use only this work with your body .Help with sleep couch -lock ,chilling ,appetite ,body high ,deep relaxation ,sleep aid ,pain ,+ nausea relieve ,stress and anxiety relieve .

      If you don’t want to get high ,you can take the thc ,the stuff that makes you high ,they called it a narcotic high , out of the medical cannabis ,there is lots of formulas on internet just google it ,and you can cook it out ,then you only uses the cbd and then you got 100% medical cannabis ,to use for epileptic problems or other medical problems.

      And please you strictly use it with your epilem medicine ,do not leave your epilem medicine ,you have to use your epilem medicine at all times ,this is very important .

      Please use your google ,learn your medical cannabis ,and know how does it work for you .

      Do not speak to any person about it .
      And try not to buy any cannabis local in south Africa ,this stuff is illegal in south Africa ,and you can go to jail ,and nobody want to go to jail .

      Good luck with your new study on medical cannabis ,for epileptic ,and or other medical problems .

      There is a contact number on face book south Africa ,Pretoria on face book about medical cannabis if you don’t want to order seed from Holland ,but Holland is far the best solution . South Africa is far to expensive for medical cannabis ,I tried every place in south Africa .

      Order your own medical seed from Holland ,and plant it indoors ,much safer ,and you know what you get ,you know your medical cannabis ,lots of different medical cannabis seed you can order from Holland ,.specific for your medical problem.

      Make a study from it ,everything is on internet ,just google it , GOOD LUCK …

    2. XD dude… Asking to get paid to test weed! You sure have big dreams!

  19. My son is Drug Resistant Epilepsy and this is our last resort. We are desperate and are willing to work with drs. Please check us…. please help us

    1. Oils can be arranged for you

      1. How and where? I have pain!!!

  20. Good day,

    I am interested in the medical marijuana industry and am looking to enter the market upon legalisation in South Africa. Do you guys perhaps know of the process I would have to follow to obtain a dispensary licence?

    Thanks for your time,

  21. Yes I also want a permit to grow medical cannabis – where can I get a permit?

  22. I would like to know the current laws regarding the use of medical cannabis. Been researching, but haven’t really found anything. I suffer from chronic migraines and have been hospitalised many times for this and I’m only 24. I need pain relief, because I cannot luve my life on schedule 5 medication and receiving drips every other month.

    1. Hi there is alternatives such as plasma patches. They carry the signature of carbon and cannabis and not the material it self. It works really well and lasts forever. Check out Lighthouse Emporium. The science is awesome it help us a lot.

  23. Hi where can i get a permit to farm cannabis,im a farmer in the limpopo province

    1. you cant because dagga is illegal and you will arrested

      1. again this person has absolutely no clue. Cananbis has not been legalized yet but in the process of being legalized. It is being regulated now so yes it is possible to obtain a permit to grow cannabis

      2. You can grow it with a special permit you mugg, and special permission, you are really ignorant, shame

      3. @Ex smoker, wow I am impressed by your ignorance and naiveness… NOT. instead of learning from these comments you want to have a come-back, that just reflects redundant your cerebral capacity is. I really gave you a benefit of a doubt thinking you might base your augment on facts…lol. you haven’t read a book in your life have you? you illiterate bastard!!!

  24. What are the current laws on cannabis in South Africa? Referring to medical and recreational use

    1. dagga is illegal in south africa and we hope it will remain that way as it is a narcotic

      1. I don’t understand why you seem to have such a problem with weed you clearly have never smoked it as you refer to it as “dagga” alcohol and cigarettes lead to the death of people everyday yet it is legal there has never been a death traced to the use of weed it has not one but many benefits in the medical industry . Weed has never caused any trouble to society and maybe if more people smoked it the world we be a better place because you are able to understand things on a deeper level and experience reality differently .weed grows naturally from the earth it is not man made like the other substances that cause harm so why is it that we make nature illegal and not the destruction that man creates

        1. Love u bruv keep on blazen

        2. You can see his not a smoker. Bet you his got a drinking problem. Go have a joint or leave us alone!!!!!

      2. Do some research and get your facts right ex-smoker. If you wanna talk nonsense do it somewhere else. I have cancer and bipolar 1, psycosis, insomnia and asthma and nothing helps like cannibus. Im on half my meds and have never felt better. You probably buy over the counter narcotics that actually kills us and should be banned. The human body was never intended to consume bullsh.. chemicals so pharmaceutical companies can make billions and they dont create solutions or cures, only customers. My son studies industrial psycology and he started smoking with me, we both have adhd, his points increased by average 20%. So please go back to your pharmacy

      3. for the narrow minded who only see this plant as a recreational drug, look a little further than your noses. He who has a suspicious mind will be suspicious of everything good or bad. I urge you to do your research more thoroughly before making such a harsh comment. Make your comments a little more meaty. Please don’t just assume that everyone wants to you the plant to do useless things with. There are actually ppl with many different types of cancer who are struggling enough trying to get the medicinal use of this plant legal. So you see how your comments – without being backed-up with a logical argument makes it that much harder for ppl to get healed. In stead go onto a site where the plant is being abused and make this comment, not on a site where we are trying to do something amazing.

        1. Agreed, they sound like corporate puppets that don’t want an easily accessed herb grown from the earth to crash their useless overpriced lab-rat chemical drugs that contain all the side affects and problems that one initially wants to cure.

      4. What are you doing here? How did you get here?

      5. Read a book. Cannabis has endless benifits. Do some research before posting an uninformed comment like that. Maybe I your day cannabis was a narcotic but to my generation cannabis is a way of life, a medicine and a good way to relax and and connect with the world around you.

      6. ex smoker clearly you don’t do any research and you still believe what your mom told you when she caught you “trying to smoke weed” We live in a new society a new age as some may say . I’m not trying to undermine you it just that you should really stop living inside your little box that you live in and open your mind to the world and the new ways we are able to use “DAGGA” . From my perspective i don’t see anything wrong with weed and it”s always the people whom have never smoked it before are always the ones to make false accusations but before you say weed is a narcotic please do your research. The effects of smoking marijuana have been described as follows euphoria, reduction of fatigue, and relief of tension as well as increase appetite, distort the time sense, increase self-confidence. A heightened awareness of color and of esthetic beauty, and the production of rich and novel mental associations are also commonly reported effects as Marijuana does not tend to release “aggressive behavior” . To all you weed lover out there keep blazing and stay amazing

      7. @ex smoker:

        You are incorrect, factually: cannabis is not and cannot be a narcotic – because a narcotic is medically defined as:
        “a drug that in excessive doses causes stupor, coma, or convulsions”

        Cannabis does not fit that description, and it is not possible to induce coma or convulsions by even the heaviest use of cannabis in any form.
        In fact, the herb has proven ANTI-convulsant properties, as is evident from the many cases which show that it is highly effective in treating epileptic spasms and seizures. At worst, with extreme ingestion, all that will result is a heavy sleep.

        So please, don’t use the term ‘narcotic’ in relation to cannabis. I would advise you to inform yourself more by doing some reading. You’re clearly uninformed in this area, as many people are – but it’s not your fault: there’s been 80 years’ worth of calculated and targeted misinformation regarding this beneficial herb which has been in use for over 15,000 years by humans – and yet to date not one single death has ever been recorded.

        I would strongly suggest, ‘ex smoker’, that you read up about cannabis on erowid.org or any of the many other resources available.

        1. Well said!

      8. Dagga?
        Dude how far back in the Stone Age are you…. lol
        Clearly you have no idea about the plant and what it can do…

      9. As a Doctor Who is 68 Years old, I grew up believing, Marijuana was bad, In the Early 1920’s Marijuana Was legal in this Country, The economy Thrived!

        Your parents Have brought you up to believe it is bad, but i dedicated my life to find the truth…

        22 years in medicine and Studying Marijuana, I have discovered that..

        -No Record That Marijuana Has Killed anyone…
        -It does not cure cancer but Destroys cancer cells (oil based)
        -When consumed, it helps with the digestive tract, and can ease IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
        -It is also known to prevent Kidney and liver failures

        When smoked.
        -The Effect of a Marijuana high is so weak, that if someone tells you that he/she is seeing things, it’s absolute bullshit… It’s hard to tell if someone is high, unless they become very paranoid (because of fear that it is illegal) or their eyes are Bloodshot red

        -The amazing Effect Marijuana Has when smoking it, takes away Stress, Anxiety and just makes you happy…

        AS someone who served in the border war, i suffered from Shell shock, I was the only one in my Platoon who survived a mine Explosion…

        Smoking Marijuana has helped boost my Creativity for painting, and my health has benefited from it…

        My family told me i was addicted, and to prove I was not, I stopped immediately, (7 years i stopped smoking)

        Until i convinced my family, that it was positive!

        Animals eat mango’s fruits and other types of plants, that make them happy, and mix with their brain chemicals!

        We humans have that too..

        So i will tell you, it is not a narcotic, That is something The goverment told you, and you forced yourself to believe in…

        Calling Marijuana Dagga is Disrespect…

        Regards a Doctor with a PHD 🙂

        1. Hallo Dr. Du Toit, I suffer from depression, social anxiety and insomnia and have been using Cannibis to (successfully) treat my condition. If you are in fact a real doctor could you help me obtain a Section 21 form? I tried to ask my doctor but he is also blind to the truth.
          Kind regards

        2. hi I just wanted to comment on ware you said that it is bulshit if someone is having a trip from a joint. this is incorrect I have tripped out ware I have seen someone turn into a cardboard cut out(in my trip) I know it is possible but only if the weed is laced with another drug, and not many people know how to tell the difference so yes technically you are correct, but you get the acceptations. stay strong stoners we are on our way to a weed legal country slowly but sourly

      10. Hi dude I don’t want to be rude but keep your comments to your self fucking assholl.

      11. I hope it becomes legal so I can smoke a big fat joint right in front of you and blow it in your face.

      12. Which corp do you support? I bet if I had to purchase your medicines and I read the leaflet it would mention… BEWARE… side affects are……. everything that will make you ill including whatever you trying to cure in the first place!!!!

        My oils would sate …. munchies and a bit of thirst

        Who do you trust?

      13. Ex-Smoker, if you or a family member was diagnosed with liver cancer (for example) would you then suffer the excruciating pain without going onto MORPHINE, bearing in mind that Morphine is also a ‘mind altering substance’ which is taken recreationally or medicinally? Why is morphine okay to use but Medical Cannabis is not?

    2. please keep in mind the fact that there is no such thing as ‘medical dagga’. this is just a phrase used by those who want to push through the legalization of cannabis in SA>

      can medicines be made from cannabis, perhaps, but there is no such thing a ‘medical cannabis’

      1. Please keep in mind that lots of plants have medincinal properties, hence making them medicinal plants, “dagga”, cannabis sativa, cannabis indica is one such plant, its ill informed individuals such as yourself that need to do a little bit if research. I also dont understand why you are on a medical cannabis site, if your against it go join your boring crowd of ill informed sheep! Or join the green revolution

      2. You are gonna have a hard time convincing me after it had saved my life and that of my Aunt…haha….why do you have such an issue ex-smoker?

      3. I have been living with hiv for 5 years after being attacked with a dirty needle in a failed hold up in Johannesburg, I have started showing signs of cachexia and marijuana has been the only relief I have been able to get, interesting fact on the contra indications slip for arv’s it says not fit for human consumption, I was also told that my kidneys will give in before the disease kills me, I poison myself with 1300 mg of poison every night in an attempt to prolong my life so far the best results I have gotten is through cannibas, you sir have an incredibly small mind, and have no right to speak on behalf of anyone, I agree with the one comment go read a book and be careful not all weed smokers are uneducated hicks, if you don’t like something or in your case are completely ignorant, rather keep quiet, because thousands can benefit from thc therapy

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