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44 medical studies that demonstrate cannabis can treat cancer

Medical Cannabis and Cancer in South Africa.

Below is a list of online resources, pilot studies and various other clinical trials using Cannabis to treat Cancer.

The list is over a year old, but a quick google search will display many more such studies and information.

Simply google ‘Type of Cancer + Cannabis + study’ and also check the news tab for the results.

The most powerful weapon you can use in your fight against Cancer is the power of knowledge and education.

What is lacking in South Africa are Doctors and Oncologists who are willing to treat patients who are wanting to use Cannabis Oil or who are already using Cannabis Oil as a part of their Cancer treatment plan or as their ONLY Cancer treatment plan.

How exactly does one get a licence or permit to legally grow Medical Cannabis/Dagga in South Africa?

Do you know the correct channels to go through? Is it even possible?

It’s simple economics, supply and demand, there is a demand from South Africans from all walks of life which transcends age, race or financial boundaries and this demand needs to be met with a professional response.

Breast Cancer

Brain Cancer

Mouth and Throat Cancer

Lung Cancer

Uterine, Testicular, and Pancreatic Cancers

Colorectal Cancer

Ovarian Cancer

Blood Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Skin Cancer

Liver Cancer

Biliary Tract Cancer

Bladder Cancer

Other Cancers

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