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South Africa Medical Cannabis Policy Brief

The Medical Research Council (MRC) has published a policy brief acknowledging there is sufficient proof that the medicinal use of Cannabis can relieve pain and reduce spasticity in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis amongst other things.

The brief summarised the findings of Dr Penny Whiting, an American scientist who conducted a review evaluating the medicinal use of dagga/cannabis in South Africa.

For the purposes of the brief, and based on the prevalence of disease in South Africa, the authors identified five conditions where claims exist that dagga could benefit sufferers.

In a summary there is evidence of moderate quality to support the use of cannabinoids for the treatment of chronic pain and there is evidence of moderate quality that the use of cannabinoids reduces spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis but the clinical significance of this is unclear.

No dosage guidelines or info on what Medical Cannabis strains used were supplied which would naturally lead to a bias result.

While this is good news we are sure you know of many other instances where Medical Cannabis or Cannabis Oil is working for a particular illness or disease like cancer, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and epilepsy.

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