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Buy Cannabis Oil products in South Africa

Medical Cannabis, Cannabis Oil, Cannabis Oil Tinctures and Cannabis Capsules in South Africa.

Below is the list of Cannabis products which we have to offer.

Please note the products have not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or ailment.

Please speak to your doctor, oncologist or Health Care provider about using Medical Cannabis or Cannabis Oil products in South Africa.

If you have any quality medical cannabis plant material you would like to offer to South Africans then please make use of the contact form to get in touch.

Option 1.

‘FECO’ – Full Extract Cannabis Oil, also known as Rick Simpson Oil, FECO, Hash Oil and RSO.

95% Food Grade Ethanol
3ml (3000mg) – R1500
5ml (5000mg) – R2000
10ml (10 000mg) – R3500
30ml (30 000mg) – R9000
60ml (60 000mg) – R13000

We are moving away from supplying FECO Full Extract Cannabis Oil in syringes.

Instead the FECO Full Extract Cannabis Oil form will be supplied in a glass vial.

The vials range from 7.5ml – 30ml.

But you may order any amount you want from 1ml (1000mg) to 1L.

The FECO can also be diluted with Coconut Oil if you want.

The brown amber dropper bottles differ in size from 10ml to 50ml.

We can also make up the ratio according to your specifications.

1:10 – 10ml Cannabinoid Tincture – R750

1:30 – 30ml Cannabinoid Tincture – R650

1:50 – 50ml Cannabinoid Tincture – R600

If you order it like this.

Place the bottle in a glass of warm water, not boiling, to dilute the oil.

Shake well before use.

Store in a cool dark place or the fridge.

Dilute the oil by placing the bottle in a cup of warm water 5-10 minutes before using.

It can be supplied pre-mixed with organic coconut oil in glass jars:

50g 1ml (1000mg Cannabinoid Extract) FECO Full Extract Cannabis Oil to 50ml coconut oil. R850

250g 2.5ml (2500mg Cannabinoid Extract) FECO Full Extract Cannabis Oil to 250g coconut oil. R1200

500g 5ml (5000mg Cannabinoid Extract) FECO Full Extract Cannabis Oil to 500g coconut oil.

Use orally, sublingually and/or in food or you can also make Cannabis Capsules or Suppositories.

Option 2.

Cannabis Oil Tinctures.

Made using 40% Food Grade Ethanol.

50ml Cannabis Oil Tinctures.

Non-decarboxylated *THC not activated. R650.00
Decarboxylated *THC activated R750.00

For more information please see

Option 3.

Cannabis Capsules.

Available on request.

Option 4.

Cannabis plant material.

If you are needing Cannabis plant material for medicinal use then please get in touch to see what strains we have to offer.

Please make use of the contact form if you need more information or to order.

In your enquiry please state the reason for needing Medical Cannabis and/or Cannabis Oil and if you are already using Cannabis Oil please try and provide as much information as possible so we can best assist you.

Ralph Higgo
081 411 5496


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21 thoughts on “Buy Cannabis Oil products in South Africa

  1. I walked into a macro biotic shop last week and found 2 varieties of cannabis oils available!! Apparently they’ve been selling it for 2+ year already and very popular

    1. Yes. But those products are CBD Hemp Oil. They are made from Hemp – Cannabis Sativa L. Most of the hemp oil products contain 300mg Cannabidiol CBD or less. The products cost between R595.00 Elixinol (100mg/30ml) – R1200.00+ Coyne Healthcare – Wellness Warehouse (200mg/10ml) depending on the amount of Cannabidiol CBD in the product and the manufacturer. These products contain little to no Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Some only about 0.03%. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has proven to be beneficial for pain relief and various other ailments and diseases. But these CBD Hemp Oil products are not ‘FECO’ Full Extract Cannabis Oil made using actual Cannabis Sativa/Cannabis Indica/Cannabis Ruderalis/Hybrids etc. which contain all the Cannabinoids which occur naturally in the Cannabis plant. Science is confirming Medical Cannabis works best as a full spectrum product like the phrase coined by Dr Sanjay Gupta of CNN – “The Entourage Effect” which is better described as working in synergy. Please see–Elixinol-Hemp-CBD-Oil-100-Natural.aspx and for further information or to buy these CBD Hemp Oils. I suggest you also research the difference between CBD Rich vs CBD Dominant.

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  3. hello I have tried to get to speak to someone about my daughter of 11 with cancer. I received one email and then no one contacted me. Please follow up on this.

    1. Hi Hayley, I have checked my messages and do not recall seeing any email from you? Kindly make use of the contact form above or email

  4. Hello.. are you able to post to the U.K. ? I need some for mild skin cancer from sun damage.

    Thanks .. Les

    1. Apologies we do not ship across borders. I would suggest looking for a Cannabis Club there or take control of your own life and make it yourself. There are plenty of recipes on how to make Cannabis/Dagga Oil. Just make sure you are using decent quality Cannabis plant material and food grade ethanol.

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  6. Where can I get Cannabis oil for Asthma in Port Elizabeth or Port Alfred Thanks

  7. Please assist I have sjorgrens and am trying to get this oil

  8. I please want more advise of how and how much a persone must use each day if you got cancer. Can you please advise me?

  9. good day, which option is best suited for him and back pain… severe pain but is also a diabetic….

    1. “FECO” – Full Extract Cannabis Oil. I would suggest slightly diluting this with coconut oil. Makes for easier dispensing and we are moving away from syringes. We are now stocking 10ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml glass bottles and the dilutions can be made up to your requirements or needs.

      1. Where can I get this product please

  10. Please publish chemical test results of rso, thc and cbd.

    1. I would also love to see the results of the oil put through a spectrometer , waiting in anticipation

  11. Hi my mother and her sister suffer from cancer and I’ve been trying to get them some cannabis oil because I’ve heard about the great affects. Please get back to me with the how’s and where’s I can purchase it.

  12. Is there an agent who sell it in Mosselbay?

  13. Good day

    I had a stroke and a few silent strokes that left me with memory probloms and various other neorological issues, anxiety, depression, mood disorders and so on. What do you suggest would be the better product to use.

    I am currently on antidepressants, blood thinner and colestrol tablets

    1. I would rather self medicate since I am not on medical aid

    2. Sativa cannabis oil will work well for you

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