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A Study of the Market for Cannabis in South Africa

About The Project

This research project intends to contribute meaningful and empirical evidence to the current debate surrounding Cannabis legalization in South Africa. The research will abstract away from the moral issues surrounding legalization to analyse its potential economic impacts. This is of particular importance as the majority of arguments made by proponents of legalization are grounded in economics.

The Survey Instrument

The purpose of the survey instrument below is to, first and foremost, establish cross-sectional marijuana prices for South Africa, from which, the current demand, price, and price elasticity of demand for marijuana in South Africa can be estimated. The price elasticity of demand is a basic economic concept that essentially indicates how demand changes due to a change in prices. Establishing this will open the door to a multitude of further analysis, and would contribute to some of the first empirical research on the matter in South Africa.

The survey instrument works as follows:

  • If you have purchased marijuana in South Africa recently, I ask that you record the details of your purchase (please note that this is referring only to unprocessed forms of marijuana, i.e. no hash, oil, wax, etc.).
  • The survey should take 5 minutes or less to complete.
  • All questions are important, and it is requested that you answer honestly to ensure accuracy in the data.

Survey Submission

Please note that your participation in this survey is completely voluntary (i.e. you do not have to participate). The choice to participate is yours alone. If you choose not to participate, there will be no negative consequences. It must also be understood that all responses are encrypted, and as such, they are completely anonymous (they cannot be tracked back to you).  Due to this method of ensuring anonymity, your responses cannot be withdrawn or deleted once submitted.

To partake and contribute in this research survey please visit


4 thoughts on “A Study of the Market for Cannabis in South Africa

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  2. Hoping for the day that medical cannabis will be cheaper.

  3. Would love for the results to be made public knowledge to prove to our government that there is a positive gain in this industry.

  4. the purchase from the Rasta always differ but it depends like a 10 ml vile of oil can set you back R1000 & indoor prices of exotic strains go from a R100 a gram to R150 same apply with the hash mixed with oil for a gram would be fifty bucks a gram but if it’s scarce the price doubles

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