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Buy CBD Oil in South Africa.

CBD Oil is available in South Africa

The South African Department of Health has quietly rescheduled Cannabidiol aka CBD to a Schedule 6 substance on the 6th July 2017 and appeared in the government gazette dated 28/07/2017.

Cannabidiol also known as CBD is just 1 of 113 Cannabinoids found in dagga.


The Minister of Health has, in terms of section 22A(2) of the Medicines and Related Substances Act, 1965 (Act No. 101 of 1965), on the recommendation of the Medicines Control Council, made and updated the Schedules in the Schedule.

Browsing through the pdf under the Schedule 6 substances there is simply one line, “Cannabidiol, when intended for therapeutic purposes”. Page 27 of 31 (52).

The list of CBD benefits continues to grow as more more research is authorized and produced.

CBD does not appear to have any intoxicating effects such as those caused by THC in Cannabis, but may have effects on anxiety and an anti-psychotic effect.

Both compounds have important health benefits: THC has antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-tremor, anti-inflammatory, appetite stimulating and anti-emetic properties, and CBD has anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antipsychotic, antioxidant, neuroprotective and immunomodulatory effects.

There are a lot of South Africans who are buying and using CBD Oil to use as a dietary supplement and to treat ADHD, breast cancer, cervical cancer and epilepsy to name but a few.

Last year a research study on the effects of CBD on cervical cancer was funded by the South African Medical Research Council, you can view that study by clicking here.

If you are wanting to buy CBD Oil in South Africa then contact us and we can provide various options for you.

You can view the information for yourself by visiting the Government Gazette.

If you would like us to email you the pdf then kindly make use of the contact form above.



15 thoughts on “Buy CBD Oil in South Africa.

  1. Email me for cbd 100%organic lab tested I have 300 mg up to 300mg fully imported

  2. […] Here’s a link to the 28th July 2017 gazetted Schedule 6 of Cannabidiol CBD as signed off by the Minister of Health Dr Aaron Motsoaledi on the 6th July 2017. Click here. […]

  3. Hi admin, does your oil help for an ulser? Thanks

    1. Hi Amanda, we make no claims.
      However if you are going to buy and use Cannabis Oil I would first suggest using a Cannabis/Coconut infusion or trying dagga tea.
      FECO ‘Full Extract Cannabis Oil’ which a lot of South Africans buy online or from friends may contain residual alcohol which should be avoided as most are made with benzene, naphtha or denatured 91% IPA. Cannabis Oil should be made using Food Grade Ethanol or a CO2 extraction process. If you do choose the FECO made using 95%/96.4% Food Grade Ethanol I would still suggest diluting it with Olive Oil or Coconut Oil for better absorption and delivery method. If you need any further assistance please make use of the contact form above. Kindly consult with your doctor as well. Regards

  4. Bullshitter like all the others stoners. Did you not say that you will not sell this until you get a license?
    Do you have one?

    1. Thanks for the insight and words of wisdom. Have an awesome day further. Regards “The Bull”.

  5. Cost and what i can use for sarcoidosis and fibromyalgia.
    And same for servix. Positive cell found. stage 1

  6. need to buy !!?? where ?

  7. You are advertising CBD for breast cancer. Please advise?

    1. I have fobromyalgia and the pain is driving me crasy. Where can I buy the CBD Oil. I am from Springs in Gauteng.

      1. First try ordering it online from and opt for the 300mg strength.

        1. 300mg is way to weak u need 1500mg

  8. Hi, I am a 53 year old male who has been suffering from seizures in my sleep approx every 6 weeks for the last 2 years. The seizures are intense which leave me with no memory and tongue damage from biting, several days are required to recover. I believe that CBD may help.

    I live approx 150 k’s north from Cape Town in a small town called Porterville. Any assistance in locating some supply would be extremely grateful.


  9. I am using CBD capsules with coconut oil 50 mg
    back pain hips and knees feet
    have blood pressure as well
    no more pain !!
    Price pls and is the treatment correct
    live in Benoni

  10. Hi,
    Please email the above mentioned pdf to me.
    Thank you very much

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