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Updated Conference details – Medicinal Marijuana Conference in South Africa

Medical Marijuana Conference South Africa.

Archipax Business Solutions in Conjunction with The Medical Intelligencia Research Group is hosting a symposium on Medical Marijuana titled, “Its Myths, Misinformation & Methods of Control.”
If you would like to view more information on this upcoming Medical Cannabis conference which was meant to be taking place at the Sandton Holiday Inn on the 21-23rd June 2017 then please CLICK HERE.
This afternoon ABS sent me an updated list of speakers in pdf form.
I stopped reading when I saw, “The Symposium will consist of three parts. The first part will look into the core science behind medical marijuana. Followed by the regulations surrounding cannabinol (THC/CBD)…”
As Cannabinol stands for CBN and CBD is Cannabidiol.
View the pdf below and share this information as this Medical Cannabis conference in South Africa promises to be very exciting and informative, especially if I do end up becoming one of the speakers.
Ralph Higgo
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