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Where to buy pure Cannabis Oil in South Africa.

Tips on buying Cannabis Oil in South Africa.

A lot of South Africans are using Medical Cannabis, Cannabis Oil and CBD Oil to treat an array of illnesses and diseases like MS, Cancer, fibromyalgia, leukemia, Crohn’s disease and more.

Some are just using it as a dietary option, believing and understanding it’s benefits.

What concerns me and what should concern you is the quality of the Cannabis Oil products which are available to buy online in South Africa and around the corner from you.

Many Cannabis Oil makers are using Benzene, Butane, Denatured 91% (IPA (Isopropyl) alcohol, acetone, naphtha and even petrol to make their Cannabis Oil and this should be avoided.

All of these alcohol solvents or gases contain carcinogens and you may be able to remove the residual solvent or gas, but will it remove the added carcinogens?

The reason carcinogens like arsenic are added to the alcohol amongst other reasons is to stop people from drinking it.

The majority of FECO Full Extract Cannabis Oil suppliers in South Africa are either using Benzene or 91% denatured IPA which may contain carcinogens like arsenic and other chemicals which will not evaporate and disappear but be left in the Cannabis Oil.

This may have been one of the reasons why Mario Oriani-Ambrosini stopped taking Cannabis Oil as his blood was tested and found to have high levels of arsenic.

A reason for this may have been that the Cannabis Oil supplier was using denatured IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) to make the Cannabis Oil? Or were the plants grown on a dump or merely the result of poor cultivation etc.

This Cannabis Oil supplier may also have been supplying Lindsey Martin who claimed to have cured her colon cancer using this Cannabis Oil. Unfortunately Lindsey passed away in 2014. But when we met in late 2013 she was selling about 300ml of Cannabis Oil per week to people all over South Africa who were using it to treat their illness or disease.

There have been many Cannabis Oil Success Stories all over the world.

Rick Simpson was mostly responsible for reminding people of the use of Cannabis in history as a medicine.

Rick suggests the use of solvents like naphtha and Isopropyl alcohol and the majority of youtube videos which show how to make Cannabis or Dagga Oil suggest using the above mentioned solvents.

If the solvent says not fit for human consumption then why would you use a product which is made from this?

Often the issue is education and people do not ask for any information.

We suggest that you rather use FECO Full Extract Cannabis Oil products made by Cannabis Oil suppliers who are using food grade ethanol or CO2 extraction methods to produce this ‘black tar oil’, ‘Rick Simpson Oil’, ‘Hash Oil’, ‘Cannabis Oil’ or ‘Hemp Oil’ etc.

FECO Full Extract Cannabis Oil or a concentrate etc. is what is mostly used for a serious illness, disease and in the case of severe pain.

For mild pain relief, a non life threatening treatment option or to use as a dietary supplement, infusions made using quality plant material and coconut oil, olive oil and grape seed oil can be beneficial.

Are you growing your own Cannabis/Marijuana/Dagga/Hemp?

Then you can decide on what extraction method you would like to use.

Perhaps you’d prefer some dagga tea, a summer hemp smoothie or an Cannabis edible for pain relief?

Legalisation will enable access to qualified and affordable testing facilities to South Africans so that they can know exactly what is in the Medical Cannabis products and Cannabis Oil they are using.

Of course if you are growing your own you shouldn’t have any issues as long as you do your research and are discreet.

In South Africa Cannabis is still classified illegal and a Schedule 7 substance.

You can read more on the States appeal to the Western Cape High Court Ruling by CLICKING HERE.

If you have any questions about Medical Cannabis or Cannabis Oil in South Africa you are more than welcome to make use of the contact form above.

PS. The photo below is a screenshot off a dagga facebook page.

Always ask how the Cannabis product was made.

Ralph Higgo

21 thoughts on “Where to buy pure Cannabis Oil in South Africa.

  1. Where can we get rich indica oil? Is there a link, and can we get it in SA?

  2. Where can i buy cannibis oil in Pretoria

  3. Hi I’m in Cape Town and would like to know where I can get it from and cost please

  4. please could you let me know where to buy in Durban so far every cannabis site is just a referral from one to the other site I have not had an answer yet as to where I can purchase it in Durban and perhaps prices. Thanking you.

  5. Good day. Please provide price list.

  6. Medical Cannibis dispensary:
    My wife has cancer.I paid R 3500 to their Standard Bank account for a Jumbo delivery of CBD oil. I was told that I had to pay another R 150 by e-wallet for extra delivery charges. I was then told that I had to pay R 350 for THC vape oil and I did so. Then Jimmy let me know that the delivery , on its way from Cape Town, was seized by the Police and everyone was “heavily fined”. The next day I was told to pay another R 150 to receive my previously paid order. I refused. This is a scam. I will attach the complete email correspondence to whomever is interested.

  7. Hi
    I,m from Pta. Where can I purchase pure FECO for a aged person with Parkinson Disease?

  8. Were can i buy pure cannibis oil.

    1. Hi where can I buy pure HTC oil for severe chronic neck pain. Been on black oil for a month. Looking for the real thing and not going to kill my bank account as on top of medical aid, it’s very expensive for me. Please help… Thanks.

  9. Hi can anyone..provide info..on where can I buy cannibas oil in Durban…..

    1. Hi I too am looking for a place to buy cannibis cream in Durban for arthritis , any advice?

  10. Hi where is it available in Durban

  11. admin please help im looking for high thc cannabis oil for stage 4 cancer patient who is my husband please help

  12. I’m from p e and would love to know where I can get hold of this oil and what the price is of the different products. Senior citizen.

    1. Hi…i am also from PE and battling fibromyalgia pain throughout my body.
      Did you have any good results from your enquiry ?
      If so can you please share with me…i am desperate


  13. I’n in roodepoort. ADHA, BI Polar, Anxiety, Depression, short temper

    Where can I buy

    1. My husband has gout, osteoarthritis and had enough of pain syndrome when I read all the available info, it appears that he should be using CBD (not the Satira) Please advise costs and nearest places to purchase. We are pensioners and only have transport once a week,
      We live in Little Falls Roodepoort

  14. I gave my 16 yr son(e has psoriasis )
    c/oil capsule.
    5hrs later e felt his face exploding/ heart racing/mouth dry/blood became toxic.
    What when wrong?
    I took it to check reaction. Nothing happened.

    1. Firstly one capsule is a lot for someone who has taken it for the first time. One has to begin with the dosage that’s equal to the size of a match stick head and build on the dosage from there.
      Secondly the wrong extraction method may have been used and this could have led to contamination.

  15. Whr can i get cannabis oil in durban and hw much …thnk you

  16. You make real sense in line with my laymans research to find reliable cannabis oil high in CBD to improve my immunity after extensive anti biotic treatment in hospital to attack one of their hospital bugs.
    Considering home brew from Durban plant supplier but no 1 is a relIable supplier of medicle cannabis. Can you help with supplier and please help in general a cannabis layman. Bernard
    and advise on

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