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Sharon Price on Medical Cannabis in South Africa

Want to know more about CBD Oil, Cannabis Tinctures or Cannabis Oil in South Africa?

Sharon Price talks about the value of medicinal cannabis and why we need it legalized.

She highlights the importance of working with medical practitioners and researchers and she advises against getting your plant, oil or tincture from a dealer.

This interview is comprehensive, educational and a must watch.

So if you are wanting to buy CBD Oil, Cannabis Tinctures, Cannabis Capsules or Cannabis Oil in South Africa then do your research.

Legal Cannabis Oil is now available in South Africa.

You will need a completed Section 21 application.

For more information on this please click here.


3 thoughts on “Sharon Price on Medical Cannabis in South Africa

  1. How can I buy cannabis and how much is it

  2. Good day,

    My husband has Trigeminal Neuralgia on the left side of his face and also now has severe pain around the TM joint on the right side. Up to the point where he is unable to eat and talk. MRI scans revealed no diagnosis and we have tried an aray of medication. We are looking at purchasing cannabis oil but do not know a reliable source. We are based in Caoe Town.

    1. Hi Sandra I am sure that I am way too late but I thought i would make contact . I only saw this site today . Please tell me your story . What did happen with you husband . Sorry I know this is personal answer only if you want to

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