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Medical Cannabis South Africa 2018 – update.

Medical Cannabis South Africa 2018 update.

Many South Africans are wondering what exactly is the current law regarding the legalisation of dagga in 2018.

Some will recall that last year Judge Dennis Davis in the Western Cape High Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to not allow South Africans to use Cannabis in the privacy of their own homes. This ruling applied to everyone in South Africa, not just the Western Cape as some believed, and Judge Davis gave parliament two years to amend the dagga laws.

The state immediately appealed the ruling in April 2017 and the court case took place in the Joburg High Court in November 2017. The states case was extremely weak, and the trail of the plant lasted only one day.

Since then South Africans have been left waiting or the verdict to be handed down. Although many took the original ruling as law and many people across South Africa began to buy Cannabis seeds online to cultivate.

Last year the Medicines Control Council together with the Department of Health also rescheduled Cannabidiol/CBD to a schedule 4 substance. The MCC, now known as SAHRA – South African Health Products Regulatory Authority, also released its 2017 medical Cannabis application forms to apply for a permit to legally cultivate Cannabis for medicinal use in South Africa. Activists in the South Africans Cannabis industry responded to the application guidelines as being archaic, unconstitutional, and riddled with flaws. Many traditional leaders rejected the guidelines outright.

House of Hemp, a South African Hemp company, secured funding from LGC Capital Ltd. in partnership with AfriAg (Pty) Ltd. Unfortunately, less than a year later LGC announced it was terminating its investment due to various reasons, investor fatigue being one of them.

Lesotho began issuing legal Cannabis permits for research and cultivation in 2017. The news echoed around the world with many calling it a progressive move. Last month Zimbabwe announced its plans to legalize Cannabis for medicinal use, yet less than a month later Government said it was shelving the idea for now possibly due to lobbying by the Tobacco industry. Zambia is also thinking about issuing cultivation permits for research and development. And Malawi, the heart of Africa, is very open and supportive of the Cannabis industry.

Another interesting development last month was the announcement in the press of a medical Cannabis dispensary which opened in Durban, South Africa, by ex-banker, Krithi Thaver, who wants to start dispensing CBD oil to those in the area who might want to buy CBD oil for various ailments or diseases.

The Cannabis industry in South Africa is evolving quickly and one need only look at Instagram to see how much product is available via DM.

But has the medicinal Cannabis market reached a saturation point?

We’ve seen the price of CBD oil drop significantly over the past 12 months, as well as the price of Cannabis in general. It would appear that people are desperately looking for sales and if you belong to any buy and sell facebook groups you’ve no doubt seen Canna Oil or Canna Capsules being offered by someone.

How much longer will it be until the South African Government officially amends the drug/dagga laws?

For many South Africans it doesn’t matter as they already firmly believe that it’s legal in their home.

Unfortunately, for those who are still being arrested, or have court cases pending, the news couldn’t come sooner.

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  1. And not 2 oils were the same that I ordered from various people where and when I could get it, and was not cheap R750.00 10 m, the R250 was smelling like old oil! It needs to be regulated to stop charlatans from ripping of desperate people! And this is where it becomes the governments fault for listing to Tabaco pedlars.

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