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Medical Cannabis Vape Juice

Vaporizing or vaping of cannabis has gained in popularity in South Africa over the last several years, just as e-cigarettes have. And it should come as no surprise when the pros and cons of vaping Cannabis are taken into account.

Essentially vaping is the heating of cannabis without burning. The heat releases the active ingredients into a vapour that is then released into the air in a fine mist created by a vaporizer device. Since combustion does not occur, smoke is not created. Vaporizing products vary in price as well as size and functionality

Vaping is an excellent and quick way to administer medical cannabis. It’s also very discreet. A lot of South African patients are wanting to buy CBD vape oil for anxiety and stress. While some want to buy THC vape juice for pain and stress.

The ideal candidates for vaping are people who have sharp shooting pains that they need instant relief from. This is because, as with smoking cannabis, patients can feel the effects very quickly, about a 90-second onset.

For patients managing nausea or loss of appetite, vaping may be even more effective even the oldest known form of cannabis ingestion. Vaping may help better than Cannabis tinctures. For patients with nausea, anything that has any type of bitter taste or anything that they have to ingest… it helps them eventually, but they have to get past that first time drinking the medication.

Vaping also appeals to patients who need something portable in order to administer their medicine when needed throughout the day, and its resulting vapour is much more discrete than tell-tale cannabis smoke. It’s a versatile option that patients can easily adjust to suit their needs, even down to changing the cartridge in order to experience the effects of different strains.

Benefits of medical Cannabis vape juice

  1. You inhale a lot less smoke.
  2. Vape contains substantially fewer toxins than smoke
  3. Vape can undo some serious damage from smoking
  4. It’ll save you money
  5. Pain treatment works much quicker
  6. Healthier alternative
  7. You can actually taste the flavour of the strains
  8. No more second hand smoke problems
  9. Ease of use
  10. Ultimate discretion

Scientists are keen to study cannabis users to explore both the prevalence and perceptions of vaping, like in this survey of nearly 3,000 recreational cannabis users aged 18-90. Another study examines cannabis intake preferences in advanced cancer patients using cannabis to alleviate symptoms. There are more quantitative studies happening too, like this 2015 study that measured blood levels and confirmed earlier studies that vaporizing is an effective delivery route for THC.

Because more cannabis users are perceiving vaporizers as being less harmful while offering additional benefits, it’s more crucial than ever to encourage continued experimental research about vaporizing as a cannabis delivery method.

Are you wanting to buy a dry herb Cannabis vaporizer in South Africa? Cannabis vaporizers range from discreet vape pens to mighty tabletop powerhouses, and there’s something for everyone. What’s the best solution for you? We highly recommend visiting the South African VAPE STORE. They specialise in dry herb vaporizers and will deliver your vape unit overnight to your door. Guaranteed.

If you are wanting to buy Cannabis vape juice in South Africa then visit our online medical Cannabis dispensary. We will also be stocking Cannabis vape pens preloaded with Cannabis Vape oil for your convenience soon.


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