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Cannabis Consultant South Africa

cannabis licence south africa

Cannabis Consulting Services South Africa.

The cannabis industry in South Africa is set to explode. But there are a variety of complexities that will make this venture a challenge. Is your company fully prepared to ensure your Cannabis licence application is successful?

Medical Cannabis SA provides professional expertise and consulting services on all aspects of the industry for medical cannabis, “recreational” marijuana, and both industrial and nutritional hemp.  We assist clients design, build, start, and optimize cannabis businesses from initial assessments and planning through operationalization and ongoing management. Our services are tailored to meet the unique goals and objectives of each client.

We have been at the forefront of the medical Cannabis industry since 2013. We have achieved a lot in this time and have a firm understanding of the Cannabis industry in South Africa. Across our social media channels and public participation surveys we keep striving to obtain as much data and information as possible to stay up to date with what the industry in South Africa is needing.

Is your company is seeking the professional services of an experienced medical Cannabis consultant in South Africa? Perhaps to assist with your licence application process and/or establishment of your commercial Cannabis farm?

Contact us to take advantage of our years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the Cannabis landscape in South Africa.

Discovery & Planning

  • Reviewing cannabis startup investor presentations and business models
  • Evaluating cannabis startup pro formas and projections
  • Evaluating viability of cannabis startup solutions and products
  • Cannabis licensing support
  • Inspection readiness
  • Legal Affiliate Network

Design & Development

  • Site selection
  • Facility design/ development
  • Crop/ Genetic selection and referrals
  • Cannabis license acquisition
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Standard Operating Procedures – review, modification and recommendations
  • Staffing and Workflow Management plans
  • Good Agricultural Practices

Operations & Ongoing Management

  • Compliance and regulatory support
  • Supply chain management / group purchasing
  • Temp Staffing
  • Education and training
  • Harvesting Marijuana
  • Cannabis Extraction and Processing
  • Bio-security
  • Quality Assurance Plans

Marketing, Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Good Manufacturing Practices for infused product manufacturers
  • Wholesale Cannabis Distribution
  • Dispensary design
  • Cannabis business planning
  • Branding and First Mover Advantage
  • Community, consumer and patient outreach

We will make sure that your project gets off the ground and is successful from day one – in addition to providing expert advice and support that insures your business reaches its full potential.

Should you wish to discuss your Cannabis venture in South Africa further do not hesitate to make contact using the contact form here.

Ralph Higgo

CEO Medical Cannabis SA

081 411 5496

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10 thoughts on “Cannabis Consultant South Africa

  1. Hi

    We are in Mafikeng and would love to venture in cannabis growing for medicinal purposes and export to countries with a need can you please help with licensing regulations in South Africa around this kind of business and how to go about it, we are just entrepreneurs with land and see a gap in the market.

    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated

    Have a pleasant day further

  2. Assistance on getting the process started to get a license and how much does it cost or are there any money included need information asap

  3. Information on how to get a license please need info asap

  4. Hallo Ralph

    We have a 25 h irrigation farm with excellent light gravel soil that drain very good gravel 20km outside Brits. The farm can easily be secured with electric fencing and developed into a production unit. We are looking to obtain a licence to grow Medical Cannabis and Hemp. Please can you assist us in this .

  5. Good day , i am inquiring about a licence for growing medicinal strains of cannabis sativa and cannabis indica ,respectively.
    I have been growing cannabis since 1991 and growing professionally since 1999 , making oils and concentrates since 2005.
    I have grown over 315 strains from different seed banks , ranging from almost every genotype you can get .
    I feel my experience and knowledge in this field , from seed selection (genetics) , to soil managment , picking the right place position, when to plant , when to harvest , how to harvest , drying, curing , packaging and all the other processes that come with it.
    I generally get between 16-20kg out of 40 trees grown outdoors , as i have done this for years .
    As for THC content , i dont know any other seasoned grower that can get high THC levels like i can , consecutively for every harvest.
    I have also cteated my own hybrids , and then later stabilising my own strains .
    Ive run indoor and outdoor operations, mothers, cuttings etc.
    And i had my own patients i was supplying medicine for cancer , osteoporosis, epilepsy, etc .
    My wife and I were arrested for growing in 2015 by the George Hawks , and my case is behind the dagga couples case.
    I know that that can be a slight issue, but wouldn’t you like people with the know how, to be leaps and bounds above the competition.
    My basic strain knowledge from different seed banks is unrivalled by any other growers .
    I dont just look at THC , but CBD and CBN qualities .
    Ive taken the THC levels over 30% which is not easy to do .
    So if anyone xould help me to get a licence , or even hire me to grow for them .
    I have a passion for growing (and the patience )

  6. Jah bless us with incredible yes.We must make the world a better place with ganja

  7. Hi I am a Rasta a criminal because of gunja n my believes but I would like to start the 1st dispensary in port Elizabeth I need help with the steps to achieve continuous healing to the nation with God’s gift to man

  8. Hi. How much does consulting cost

  9. Hi i would like to grow and cultivate canabis for medicinal purposes how do i go about hetting a permit ?

  10. Ralph

    Good morning ,i have a 37ha farm in stilbay area and would like to get into the industry for medical cultivation.Please can you guide and help me with the process.

    Kind regards
    Barend Coetzee

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