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Cannabis soil

Dagga Grond/Cannabis soil – The Generals Blend
Growing cannabis outdoors in a 100L container

“Let us declare nature as legitimate. All plants should be declared legal. The notion of illegal plants in a civilized society is obnoxious, ridiculous and absurd”.

Growing Cannabis at home just got a lot easier with the decriminalizing of the plant and for the first time in many years cannabis can break free from the modified wendy house with ozone filters and breathe fresh air. The biggest questions posed after the legalization of cannabis is “how do we grow it?” and “what about cannabis soil?”

Most soil classification systems are simple to begin with and then become complex and somewhat elaborate as you tumble down the rabbit hole of soil. There are 73 soil forms in South Africa and they can be organized into 14 groups, for a soil farmer like myself the topic of soil is both fascinating and intriguing, here follows my theories on achieving the perfect amended soil for growing cannabis and we are just going to call it “forest floor earth”.

The Cannabis plant does not like an over powered engineered soil; it interferes with the integrity of the plant and has a negative effect on the end result which is the flowering stage. Profiling “forest floor earth”, with enough air and water holding capacity to maintain a healthy microbial herd in the soil for the entire growing period is crucial, combined with the understanding of Liebig rule. Law of minimum-Liebig law (Carl Sprengel 1828) states “growth is dictated NOT by the total resources available, but by the scarcest resource”, when we apply this to the growing of cannabis, yield is
proportional to the most limitating factor. To be able to digest this we have to have a comprehensive understanding of soil and just really know what it is.

Water, broken bits of rock, air and a small percentage of alive, dead and very dead organic matter equals soil, however the inner mechanics of the soil are only revealed if you work backwards, this was how I stumbled on the theory of reverse binary fission, (making bacteria work backwards) but more importantly the magic of microbes.

There is always much talk, debate and thought on NPK, the 3 fat sisters, macronutrients get all the lime light and the front page when it comes to soil amendments, sadly the EMO in the corner is the micronutrients, and ignoring them is detrimental to the holding capacity of the soil.

For the soil nerds; it is my theory that the key to activate effective anaerobic microbes, and accelerate binary fission in biota, is Ormus and all 3 play a critical role in achieving a soil that can be described as being forest floor earth. The pig, chicken and compost worm are 3 creatures that work in parallel with the above (as above so below) these creatures are the gear box to our soil production and together with alchemy and microbial husbandry humans can craft a soil that is true to type; from inoculating LECA balls with Ormus and biota to using different types of compost created by different types of temperature sensitive microbes. If you want to make forest floor earth you have to take it to the next level.

Based on my previous experiments to achieve a high yield the container size plays a pivotal role in yield; 50L would be an entry level and for amateurs, but 100L would certainly be heading into the professional arena.

KISS less is more, which equates to (keep it simple stupid-don’t over do it!)

A rudimentary guide line would be:
1. germination in 50/50 mix vermicast & coir/moss
2. transplant after healthy true leaves into a 5L container (echo mix-see drawing) a profiled fluffy forest floor mix that sends the message to the plant to grow a big mouth (root growth)

3. after 21 days transplant into 100L container with a combination of 40L echo mix and 60L fox-trot mix.

We are not creators, this job has already been taken, we are facilitators and to achieve an exceptionally high yield from the cannabis plant we have to have a shot gun approach to producing a “human-beans” version of “forest floor earth”.

The cost of 100L of forest floor soil from the Guerrilla Farm is R695, as a farmer I automatically by default always look at the yield, as mentioned yield is proportional to the most limitating factor-when you factor that in you are going to achieve a black bag full of yield from 1 plant.

Once the plant is in its final vessel (100L) there is no high tech feeding, or chemical mixing, or fancy expensive bottles of imported lab produced juju, forest floor earth is really a simple plug and play operation.

I do of course suggest a microbial plug, mulch inoculated with home cultured biota, I also recommend the use of the plant Symphytum officinale to be administered to Sister Mary as a tea when she begins to flower, and then the use of tanacetum parthenium prepared as a tea and applied as a tonic to foliage.

I share my thoughts on growing cannabis as I am a capitalist with a Karl Marx blind spot, I really want to sell you my Cannabis soil but if you can’t afford it I really you want you to have a recipe to make it, either way, both of my personalities win!

Best of luck on growing your Cannabis using our Cannabis soil mix/suggestions. If you have any questions or thoughts relating to Cannabis soil please drop them in the comment section below.

Guerrilla General
AKIM Riemer

066 489 1697

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