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CBD Dog Treats South Africa

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Holistic vets have been sending us some interesting reports about the benefits of CBD oil and CBD dog treats for dogs in their care. Are you thinking about giving CBD to your dog? Have you used it yourself, and wonder whether the same oil will work on your pet? Many pet owners have used human CBD oil with their pets, especially when they first start experimenting with the supplement and want to gauge its effects.

What Is CBD? CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in cannabis, the plant we often associate with dagga. In fact, it is one of over 113 “cannabinoids” found in the cannabis plant, many of which are also being investigated for their potential health benefits. Now, keep this in mind: CBD won’t get your pet “high”. Unlike THC, the main psychoactive compound in marijuana, CBD is completely non psychoactive and safe to be used on pets. CBD also has no known toxicity level, and is incapable of causing an overdose. The CBD and other compounds found in CBD supplements stimulate this system by either activating or blocking the group of receptors it contains.

It’s says a Dog is man’s best friend, and if you have a furry friend in your life then you no doubt love them and want them to be in the best health possible. South African pet owners are starting to become more aware about the health benefits of giving their dogs CBD and as a result people are looking online to buy CBD dog treats for their pets.

Unlike oils and capsules, CBD dog treats can contain varying concentrations of CBD, and should be given to your pet as per the package instructions. Whenever using any kind of CBD, we recommend following the dosing instructions that came with the product, seeing how your dog responds, and adjusting the dose as needed.

Remember that you may need to adjust the below dosages depending on your dog’s ailment and condition. Again, we always recommend working closely with your vet to find the ideal dosage for your dog if you’re still concerned.

The 7 Most Common CBD Benefits for Dogs.

1. Powerful Painkiller

2. Anticonvulsant

3. Anti-Inflammatory

4. Stress Reliever

5. Antiemetic

6. Anticancer Effects

7. Promotes Homeostasis

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  1. Hi Where can I buy CBD treats for my dog who is very arthritic?

  2. Good day

    Where can I buy these cbd biscuits

  3. Where can i get CBD treats for my dog with hip arthritis and inflamed after two cruciate knee operations?

  4. My dog has been on morphine for a month following an accide t where she had 3 pelvis fractures. Thank fully she started to walk but Im concerned about the use of morphine. Would cannabis oil be a good substitute? She weighs 55kg.

  5. Good day.

    Where can I buy CBD dog treats?

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