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Cannabis Auctions


Cannabis Auction South Africa

Are Cannabis auctions in South Africa the next logical step in the Cannabis evolution supply chain?

South Africa spends far too much money and resources policing the sale of illegal Cannabis.

It’s also taken too long to issue licences for cultivation, and trade.

Licences which would create jobs and contribute to the economy.

Is it not wiser, cheaper, and in fact more profitable, to acquire the Cannabis plant material, get it tested and then sell directly to a registered licence or permit holder? If it is of inferior quality, or potentially hazardous, then appropriate measures could be in place to ensure harm reduction.

Below is an example of a conversation I’ve had many times over with many rural growers and middlemen.

Please note the Cannabis pictured below is not for sale.

Messages to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more info.

2017/12/15, 8:19 am

Here is our price list:
Sour Diesel (sativa) = 14/gram
Lemon Haze (sativa) = 15/gram
White Widow (hybrid) = 15/gram
CBD Skank Haze (indica and sativa dominant) =18/gram
Outlaw (Sativa) = 15/gram
Orange Bud (Sativa) = 14/gram
California Orange = 15/gram
MasterKush (Indica)  = 15/gram
Purple Haze (Sativa) = 15/gram

All prices are inflated and deflated due to harvesting seasons.

Now that it’s dry season, all prices are up R1 or R2. Normal season, prices decline. Bulk purchases of strains means we can negotiate for a lower price for each strain. Unhappy customers are free to return stock within 24 hours. No hassles. No trouble.

Regards *****

2018/03/23, 2:42 pm
Awe bro. I haven’t bothered you in a while now. I wanna check if you would be Interested in some kush?
2018/03/23, 2:44 pm
Ralph Higgo: No thanks
2018/03/23, 2:45 pm
2019/11/08, 1:25 pm
Good day

We supply different indica and sativa strains, indoor and outdoor strains countrywide at affordable and negotiable prices. We would like to form a working relationship to supply your shop quantities on cash or consignment deals.

We are based in Gauteng and Cape Town and we run a professional farm of outdoor strains in Swaziland and sometimes source from from neighboring farms and friends who grow indoor strains and all other strains we may not have.

Our strains differ and it’s not the same thing on stock in different months. Our catalogue changes every month and prices don’t fluctuate with seasons. Prices are only negotiable when more quantity is requested.

2019/11/08, 1:33 pm
Ralph Higgo: Any photos
2019/11/08, 1:36 pm
White Widow Greenhouse R11/gram
cannabis autions south africa
2019/11/08, 1:36 pm
Afghani High Grade R10/gram negotiable.
2019/11/08, 1:36 pm
Poorly harvested Second Generation Heaband Sour R6.5/ gram. Good for oils.
2019/11/08, 1:37 pm
There’s also small quantities of this. Not sure of the strain name. Going for R7/gram

2019/11/08, 1:38 pm – Ralph Higgo: Looks good. So how many strains total available
2019/11/08, 1:39 pm – Currently have 4 available.
2019/11/08, 1:39 pm – Just these ones mentioned
2019/11/08, 1:39 pm – Ralph Higgo: Ok

Surely it’s more practical and profitable to simply buy 20g of each strain/cultivar and get it tested? And if the results are good, acquire said plant material and make use of it in a safe and regulated manner? This is a solid solution to a difficult question on how to regulate Cannabis in South Africa. Purchase product directly from farmers in rural farmers via Cannabis CO-OPS.

CO-OPS can provide testing centers, assist with licencing and education on how best to cultivate Cannabis.

International Cannabis companies would be permitted to bid on upcoming Cannabis auctions in South Africa, but the majority of the Cannabis should go to South African companies, and registered South Africans via licenced medical cannabis dispensaries.

These licenced medical cannabis dispensaries should be a joint venture between Government and the private sector.

Each dispensary would be permitted to purchase Cannabis from other licenced Cannabis companies and individual Craft Cannabis growers.

This model still needs work and depth, but offers up an easy, fast and viable solution to what has become a big problem in South Africa.

Another solution is to hold Cannabis Auctions in South Africa for this plant material and let registered companies purchase this plant material.


47 thoughts on “Cannabis Auctions

  1. dear mr higgo, im a 36 year old working male that loves cannabis, those 2 pics of high grade white widow and afgani, ill be lucky to find in a blue moon and pay upwards of 200 rand a gram, please give me a number to contact these people so that i can pay 10 rand a gram too, you are standing in fields of weed, ill evn pay 50 rand a gram for that stuff iin bulk.regards sheldon

    1. Hi Sheldon, kindly read the original post. This plant material is not for sale. The point of the article was to suggest a solution to the Cannabis problem of selling and buying Cannabis illegally in South Africa.

      1. hi iv taken time to think about it i t would seen logical to bid.
        iv taken time to think about it its just bad not to ask. but i suppose biidding is the logical way

  2. Bid

  3. please contact me at 10 rand a gram for afgani and white widow ill take 20 grams of each?

    1. Sorry not for sale. The point of this article is to highlight a possible solution to the Cannabis problem in South Africa. Which is how to curb the illegal trade, assist with the rolling out of a licencing platform which would benefit Government and the public which would at the same time save policing money and ensure harm reduction.

  4. BID

  5. BID looking good

  6. BID

  7. If you can stop making cannibis a drug and set it free the world will b more free now im a poor man but I can’t purchase a 2 million rand license God will punish all of u wanting in what of the rastas that went to jail got robbed got beaten by police that pray when they smoke where is thier freedom they the rightful people who gunja must b legal without government crap telling them how much to smoke is like telling them to pray one time a day its wrong free gunja for rastafarians

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  15. Lekke skyf! 🙂 BID

    1. Will like to smoke some Afghani high grade

    2. Will like to smoke some Afghani high grade .BID

      1. BID

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