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Are you wanting to hire a professional Cannabis Consultant in South Africa?

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Do you have questions about the Licenced producer application process, or about the best practices to use in your facility?

Obtaining a license for a dagga/cannabis/marijuana and even hemp cultivation business in South Africa is one of the most difficult early steps in doing business in the evolving South African Cannabis industry.

The biggest issue is understanding the complex, and often confusing, rule-making of a government licensing board that is unfamiliar with the industry.

We stay on top of industry trends so you don’t have to.

Medical Cannabis SA is here to assist and simplify the process with all the requirements needed to apply for a licence to cultivate Cannabis for medicinal use in South Africa.

We have the experience and the contacts to ensure your licence application process runs smoothly and meets SAHPRA’s and/or DAFF’s Cannabis/hemp cultivation guidelines.

Our knowledge of the local Cannabis industry is second to none and we have built up a solid network of professionals over the years. Our network of Cannabis specialists work closely with a variety of companies distinguishing top talent to drive improvement, quicken results, and lend an expert hand. We are a consulting firm that enables you to recognize in-house talent and even outsource Cannabis professionals to excel your Cannabis business.

Not only are we able to assist you with your Cannabis licence application forms and process, but we are also able to offer technical advice and a professional turnkey service.

Medical Cannabis South Africa consultants provide large businesses both indoor and outdoor grow consulting that includes configuration, set up, operations and proven techniques. Our grow consulting concentrates on hardware setup for lighting, ventilation, atmosphere control, water system, nourishments, pest and pathogen control, and quality control.

The international markets are moving towards a more liberal legalization of cannabis and EU-GMP certification in Canada is more important than ever. Currently the EU has the strictest cannabis GMP standards in the world alongside Australia. Therefore, having the EU-GMP certification means you will be able to distribute your cannabis products worldwide.

Other countries are joining the movement as well, starting with decriminalization, then allowing for medical use, and finally the recreational use of cannabis.

Which is why you should also hire a professional who understand the dynamics involved to ensure maximum ROI.

How we can help your Business

  • Cannabis Consulting

  • Licence Application process

  • Business Strategy/Business Development

  • Sales and Supply Agreements

  • Facility Design

  • International Expansion

Above are just a few points which we can assist your business with. Many private individuals, businesses and corporations are looking online for qualified cannabis consultants in South Africa. Be wary of fly by nights who over promise and underdeliver. Be even more sceptical of anyone who asks for equity in exchange for said Cannabis consulting service.

Cannabis facility design is a fundamental and primary step before starting your indoor grow room whether it is for commercial or personal use. The germination, early developing, vegetation, and blossoming phases of your cannabis plants will all occur here. A well planned out and constructed grow room will be the deciding factor when it comes down to the quality of your cannabis and the yields that are produced. Our team is here to help you every step of the way.

Growing high-quality cannabis on a small scale can be quite challenging on its own, growing large amounts is much more difficult. Without years of experience growing the plant, producers may undoubtedly succumb to poor growing habits that could lessen the overall quality and consistency of their product.

Being fortunate enough to be holding a permit to develop cannabis legitimately on a commercial scale is no straightforward undertaking, yet it’s quite recently a glimpse of a larger problem with regards to a fruitful operation. Setting up grow environment is critical, in order to make a sufficient crop.

Designed to meet the specifications of grow room compliance, this system can be used to outfit existing facilities or create free standing cultivation structures. We provide solutions for all sizes and budgets offering unmatched design freedom while still maintaining functionality, quality, and value. Our grow room designers and grow room setup team work with the manufacturer of the modular systems, alongside with hand picked general contractors to deliver functional and cost effective solutions.

Medical Cannabis South Africa’s consulting service ensures that all designs are completed on time, and to our client’s satisfaction, while designed in compliance with SAHPRA’s and/or DAFF’s rules and regulations requirements for licensed cultivation.

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We kindly ask that before you contact us to first download the necessary application forms and SAHPRAs guidelines here.

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