Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis.

What strain of Medical Cannabis are you wanting?

What is the difference?

Cannabis is made up of 3 different species: Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Ruderalis.

Cross-breeding of these 3 types has led to a wide variety of hybrid strains with unique characteristics.

The diagrams below show the cannabis/dagga effects each species may produce.

A hybrid or Sativa/Indica cross may produce a combination of effects.

If you are wanting to buy Medical Cannabis, Cannabis Oil, Cannabis Tinctures or Cannabis Capsules in South Africa then please visit the home page or CLICK HERE.





17 thoughts on “Medical Cannabis

  1. Hi there
    Can you please tell me what oil of the two, INDICA or SATIVA is the best for lower back problem (after an operation and scoliosis).
    Thanks for your soonest answer.
    Regards Kurt

  2. Right now we have an ICHAROS-Oil, but feel it is not strong enough to help for lower back pain (scoliosis etc).
    Which one is the best to take of the tree INDICA, SATIVA or RUDERALIS?
    Thanks for the soonest answer. Kind regards Kurt

    1. FECO – Full Extract Cannabis Oil.
      Made using an alcohol or CO2 extraction process.
      I would try a Cannabis Sativa strain eg. Swazi Gold Hybrid, Durban Poison, Transkei Rooibaard etc.
      Either use as is or diluted to suit your tolerance level.
      Dilute with olive oil or coconut oil.
      Remember to always start off really slow when testing new Cannabis Oil products and capsules etc.
      Cannabis products may lower blood pressure and thin blood so people with low BP or on blood thinning medication should be more cautious.
      There are also many private ordinary talented South Africans on groups such as and where first time growers can get advice like growing and trading Cannabis/Marijuana/Dagga seeds in South Africa. Great group of people and more than happy to assist any new growers needing advice on cultivation.

    2. not ruderalis…indica is the best for pain in general, ruderalis doesnt produce enough thc and cbd, and its autoflowering, stunting bud growth

  3. Where can i purchase the oil from. Its for my mum she was diagnosed with bone cancer. Im from Durban.

  4. Where can i buy them? I want to grow myself some medicinal sativa strain man cause im in need of a uplifting and cerebral feel man

    Send me the link that i can order these seeds please

    1. For free Cannabis seeds for medicinal use please follow the instructions here

    2. not ruderalis…indica is the best for pain in general, ruderalis doesnt produce enough thc and cbd, and its autoflowering, stunting bud growth

  5. Hi I want to buy some indica and sativa for myself and I need some oil for my mum who has diabetes please do come back to me thanks

  6. Advice on where to get Indica and Stavia plants or seeds. I live in kroonstad and my brother is suffering from autism and cancer pls email asap pls

  7. I have severe headaches to the point that I get nauseous and my head feels like its splitting, as you can imagine my life was sh*t before I started smoking marijuana.. It has been a great help in my life, I’m happy that the government is trying to help people like me.
    Are there any cards like in America or what’s up, how do I get healing the legal way?

  8. My father in law (aged 82) is in a lot of pain due to various conditions including extreme back pain which has left him virtually crippled and can only walk (slowly) with a walker and stick.

    In addition, he suffers a little from depression as a result of his pain and conditions.

    What cannabis oil would help him, what dosage and when, and where is it obtainable from.

  9. Hi,
    Are you in Durban.
    If so can you please mail contact details.
    If not what is the best way to purchase your products.

  10. Good day
    I suffer from Crohns disease and was wondering if marijuana could help? Is it available in sa?

  11. Good Afternoon

    I am sincerely in need of purchasing some of your Medicinal Herb.
    I would very much appreciate it if you could please provide me with the necessary information
    relating to the various strains & prices therefore, that you have in stock.
    Thank You & have a great day.

  12. Good day

    Please can you advise on how we can purchase medical cannabis for you.

    Kind regards

    1. Where can I purchase the oil and will it relieve the burning sensation of my feet? Hoping to hear from you soon.

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