Medical Cannabis Seeds

Medical Cannabis Seeds available to buy online in South Africa.

Buy Dagga Cannabis seeds online in South Africa.

Are you wanting to grow Cannabis for your own medicinal use and now find yourself shopping online to buy Cannabis/Marijuana/Dagga seeds in South Africa? What strain of Medical Cannabis are you wanting? What is the difference?

Please have a look at the Medical Cannabis tab above or by ‘clicking here’. 

South Africans are searching online for dagga seeds for sale or to buy Cannabis seeds.

South Africans are wanting to buy dagga seeds to grow their own Cannabis plants in South Africa.

The prices on these Cannabis Seeds which are for sale online in South Africa offer differ in quality and variety.

For more information on hybrid species of Cannabis click the Medical Cannabis tab above.

The prices of these Marijuana seeds available to buy online and on facebook range from a few Rand to R100+ per seed.

International Cannabis Seed Banks have also been supplying dagga seeds for sale to South Africa for ages.

Often these parcels make it through customs, and other times they are merely confiscated.

We want to offer you local Cannabis Seeds as well Marijuana Seeds from international well respected Cannabis Seed Banks so that when you order Cannabis Seeds online you know exactly what you are getting.

If you are a first time grower wanting to buy Dagga seeds South Africa or simply strain hunting for something different then take a look at our regular dagga seeds for sale by clicking here.


33 thoughts on “Medical Cannabis Seeds

  1. I have a very low lung function after my operation. i read that smoking canabis will be a good thing – so iam very interested. thankyou

    1. Consider buying a quality vaporizer that can be used to vaporize dried plant material.

      1. Please advise from experience what’s a great portable dry herb vaporizer. I’m tired of trying these well marketed products only to sit with something that doesn’t do the trick.

  2. I had brachytherapy for prostate cancer which is remission. I would like to know what oil I should take for maintenance as well as for high cholestrol

  3. I would like to grow medical cannabis (Indica & Sativa) for own use : spasms, sleep disorder, itchy skin, burning feet, osteoarthritis, hypertension and for my husband he had an heart attack and is on chronic heart medication.

  4. Hi

    Please help me find some seeds. Lost lots of money trying to buy online.
    I am in Mitchell’s Plain Cape Town

    Thank you in advance

  5. i would like to grow cannabis for medical purposes,where can i get seeds?

  6. Hi. Very interested in cannabis seeds to grow for my own use. High THC levels. More sativa.

  7. I would really love to get these seeds. My uncle has stage 4 prostrate cancer and we would do anything to ease his suffering. Please send me some.

  8. I would love some seeds to grow as I have arthritis.

  9. I’d like HIGH CBD & LOW THC steeds to grow as I have MS.

  10. Hi. I have osteoarthritis and am a breast cancer survivor. Please may I have seeds of whichever strain would benefit me. Than yiy so much. Dianne

  11. I have pernicious anemia and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but the medication destroys any B12. I have to inject myself twice a week now. I believe that medical cannabis will help me.

  12. I’m bery eager to start using it for health purposes. Bought and used it once.

  13. Hi, I would love to receive a few seeds as I suffer badly from rhumatoid arthritis and fybro myalgia, and also osteo artritis iny spine. I believe this will greatly assist me in living a more productive life. Thank you!

  14. I want seeds that will help with chronic pain.

  15. I would love some seed’s I have epilepsy.

  16. HI I am looking for Medical Cannabis seed low THC higher CBD or balanced for the best results without the sleepy side effects .

  17. Good day I need a few seeds of the best medical cannabis can someone inbox me please I am in Pretoria.

  18. Hi, I suffer Lupus / Fibromyalgia. Would like to know which strain should I grow for inflammation and pain control.

  19. Hey I would love to grow medical Marijuana and help every1 in South Africa with the best quality..

  20. Good morning . I would very much like to grow my own plants, & be able to treat myself with them.
    Please could you send me a “Lucky Packet”
    Many Thanks

  21. Want to manufacture medical cannabis edibles. Where can I get a license to manufacture and sell?

  22. Hi
    I would like to manufacture Cannabis products, for medical purposes. Sweets for children with severe illness, and other products that could assist parkinson patients.
    Where can I get a licnse to buy oil and to be able to manufacture and sell products?

    1. Hi Cornel

      Depending on how much you want to invest, we have machinery that could be used to encapsulate oil in softgel capsules (like the omega 3 ones).

  23. Hi
    Looking for a strain with a low thc composition

  24. II can really do with this, got a weak stomach and throw up. I think it is the medication I am on. A friend suggested I get some marijuana, tried it and it worked.

  25. Hi there I would like to grow cannabis for medicinal purposes

  26. Hi.

    I’d like to grow medical cannabis.


  27. Im interested, very interested!!


  28. Hi my daughter got MS for tht last therr years and i would like her to use medical cannabis.

    1. Hi there, I wanted to find out about your daughter. Has there been a change in her?

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