Food Grade Ethanol


If you are wanting to buy Everclear or another grain alcohol in South Africa to make your own Cannabis oil or Cannabis tincture, why not use proper food grade ethanol for cannabis oil extraction? 96% pure food grade ethanol.

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1L 96% Food Grade Ethanol South Africa

Are you wanting to make your own Cannabis oil or Cannabis tinctures at home?

Do you need to buy Everclear, food grade ethanol or a grain alcohol to make these products?

We offer 96% certified food grade ethanol for sale in South Africa.

Too many ignorant people use denatured Isopropyl alcohol and Benzene to make their Cannabis oil and products or edibles which are made using these solvent should be avoided!

If you are planning to make Cannabis oil, Tinctures or edibles then the only solvent which you should use is certified food grade ethanol from reputable ethanol suppliers in South Africa.

Always make sure you practise safe extraction methods. Remember to only use it in a well ventilated area. Do not expose to direct flame as ethanol is combustible.

Use responsibly.