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Biodata – Pilot Cannabis Trial

Biodata - Pilot Cannabis Trial

Medical Cannabis SA Biodata Pilot Cannabis Trial.

Take part in the Medical Cannabis Biodata Pilot Cannabis Trial!

Would you like to obtain premium cannabis from legal and regulated sources on a monthly basis to see if it will assist with your ailment or conditions?

Once payment confirmation is received we will ship your first research package. Delivery is nationwide and will be made within 3-5 business days upon receipt of payment.

Fill out the online application, consent and indemnity forms here.

Once qualified we will inform you of your successful application and you will be allocated a research number to log into the research portal.

Your research number will be a unique way to access the research portal where you can view the different package options, choose your package, fill out questionnaires, make payments and change/update your details if needed.

Once logged into the research portal you will be asked to choose a research package and complete the crowdfunding form.

There are two packages available 1. Medicinal cannabis flower 2. Medicinal  cannabis oil. Strain information, COA (Certificate of Analysis) and usage instructions will be available.

A progressive venture between Biodata (A division of Labat Healthcare), Medical Cannabis SA and ONQ Clinical Research Organisation will commence a research project to develop relevant data in support of its future clinical trials for pain management, anxiety and sleep disorders. “It’s being called South Africa’s first real-world study of medical cannabis and researchers at Biodata, ONQ Clinical Research Organisation and Medical Cannabis SA predict that it will provide much-needed insight into the link between cannabis genetics and patient outcomes”.

Led by Dr. Shiksha Gallow the principal investigator, the medical cannabis real-world evidence (MC-RWE) study will involve a minimum of 1,000 participants whose medical cannabis use will be observed over a period of time. It is further predicted that the research project will be extended to a significantly increased sample size should the initial results show a high level of success. Participants in the study will be able to access a range of medical cannabis flower and oils that have consistent genetic, chemical, cannabinoid, and terpene profiles, which will address an ongoing issue with anecdotal evidence.

Biodata will conduct the research by way of a Crowd Funded Project and the aim is to create funding to support the costs of running the research program which will assist with creating substantial observational and case studies data and to fund future clinical trials. The resultant outcome would be to ensure legal access to natural occurring medicines like cannabis to the South African public as a whole.

All cannabis is sourced from fully compliant South African Health Products Authority approved and licensed facilities.