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Luxury CBD brand CANNAFRICA opens its 2nd retail store in Hartebeespoort

CANNAFRICA, the lifestyle brand of the first JSE-listed Cannabis company, Labat Africa, celebrated the opening of its second retail outlet.

An intimate launch event, which was hosted at the new CANNAFRICA store in Hartebeespoort, Smoorverlief Centre, was attended by key influencers, members of the media, and other key stakeholders.

CANNAFRICA’s second retail outlet, will initially stock a collection CBD tinctures, CBD pet care products, supplements, personal care products, beverages, edibles; and will later expand to include softgels and mini grow boxes. The CBD-infused products are manufactured at a state-of-the-art, SAHPRA-accredited, GMP-certified facility, providing a premium experience to users.

CANNAFRICA CEO Herschel Maasdorp explains that the rollout of the retail outlets is in line with the company’s vision in respect of increasing access to a cannabinoid-enhanced lifestyle.

“Now is the time to drive the growth within the cannabis economy. Cannabinoids offer a host of proven health benefits, and with the advent of the pandemic, the moment for expansion presented itself.”

“Our vision is to reach South Africans far and wide so that they are able to experience the immune-promoting qualities of CBD, thus realising the full wellness potential of the Cannabis plant.”

“We are proud to be opening our CANNAFRICA store in Hartebeespoort. The unique CANNAFRICA offering is what we require in our area. The fact that our products are SAHPRA accredited will give us the edge in providing excellent products with a life
changing experience,” says Anton Swanepoel, store owner.

Two more CANNAFRICA retail stores will open towards the end of the year, with an extensive national footprint anticipated to follow.

Visit CANNAFRICA: Smoorverlief Centre, Hartebeespoort

CANNAFRICA is the lifestyle brand of Labat Healthcare; which is the retail division of the first JSE-listed Cannabis company, Labat Africa. CANNAFRICA is a proudly African brand, with its range of premium Cannabinoid-infused products manufactured in state of the art EU GMP-compliant facility. The CANNAFRICA product line will initially feature rare cannabinoid, CBD tinctures and pet care products, and expand to include softgels, supplements, personal care products, beverages, edibles and mini grow boxes.

CANNAFRICA’s vision is to increase accessibility to a cannabinoid-enhanced lifestyle, so that more South Africans can tap into the holistic wellness potential of the Cannabis plant.
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