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Cannabis Oil scammers

Cannabis Oil Scammers in South Africa

Far too many South Africans are falling victim to online fraudsters offering them quality Cannabis Oil.

From Cape Town to Joburg to Durban, the list of online scamming shops or self appointed ‘dispensaries’ is alarming and a great cause for concern.

We strongly advise you to NOT buy Cannabis Oil online.

There is a good chance you will be scammed of your money.

Even worse is the quality of the product you will be getting will not have been tested and there is a also a good chance that it was made using cheap plant material, ie trim, and not the flowers of the Cannabis plant and therefor will also lack the concentration of Cannabinoids needed.

There are many scammers promising CBD only oil ie Charlotte’s Web.

This specific strain of Cannabis IS NOT available in South Africa and anyone offering you such should not be trusted.