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Medical Marijuana in South Africa 2016

South African Medical Cannabis.

It’s been an interesting year.

Many South African’s lives have been changed for the better as a result of using Medical Cannabis in South Africa.

From cases of acute lymphoblastic leukemia to fibromyalgia to arthritis to multiple sclerosis to skin cancer and other cancers, diseases and ailments, the list goes on.

People are even successfully treating their animals with Medical Cannabis and Cannabis Oil!

South Africans are finding pain relief and even cures in Medical Cannabis and Medical Cannabis Oil and there is nothing which can be said or done to ignore this fact. And the good news is spreading faster and faster.

It’s been a long time since IFP MP Mario Oriani-Ambrosini tabled his first draft of The Medical Innovation Bill.

You can read through The Medical Innovation Bill here.

Mario was a true believer in the right to alternative medicine and a champion for the change in the current Cannabis laws.

As you can see below The Medical Innovation Bill seems to have been forgotten or ignored by Parliament altogether, it’s been almost two years now.

Personally I feel that this BILL is not suited to South Africa and I know Mario only intended it as a first draft when he introduced it.

The Medical Innovation Bill


In April the South African Department of Social Development and the Central Drug Authority organised a roundtable event and invited key stake holders to attend.

I couldn’t attend but a Cannabis Oil supplier from South Africa I know was there to present her case.

The topic was Medical Cannabis in South Africa – Yes or no? You can read the report here.

It was clear the meeting was not successful other than confusing the matter more by asking some people, who were clearly bias, uninformed and had a vested interest to ignore it, on the subject matter what their opinion was.

Where are we now?

Despite the fact there was no conclusion drawn from this Medical Marijuana roundtable thousands of South Africans continue to self medicate and will continue to do so and there is nothing which can be done except to make sure they receive quality products. Right now Medical Cannabis, Medical Dagga, Medical Marijuana shops are starting to spring up online all over the South Africa and even on social networks and South Africans are doing just that, buying Medical Cannabis and Cannabis Oil online.

Sick and dying South Africans should not be made to feel like criminals and forced to resort to the black market to self medicate with Cannabis Oil because they have been left with no other choice.

We asked on our facebook page (since been banned or censored on 11/08/17) if South Africans wanted Medical Cannabis in South Africa and the result was an unequivocal yes!

South Africans, including many medical professionals, are lending their voices to the call for legalising Medical Cannabis in South Africa.

Drs; GPs, Oncologists, Neurosurgeons, you name it, they are referring patients. The reason for this is many know the Section 21 application for an unregistered medicine like Cannabis Oil is flawed and the only thing such an application does is give false hope and rob sick and dying South Africans of their time and their money.

We are calling on the South African Government, the South African Department of Health, the Medicine’s Control Council and the Central Drug Authority to begin listening to the very people who they are meant to be serving.

What can be done? Decriminalize cannabis use in South Africa for medical purposes. Form a medical cannabis advisory unit to Government and key stake holders. The objectives of this unit will be to liase between various Government departments and regulate all aspects of this new medical cannabis industry from seed to patient.

Of course the above will take time to get started, but what is important is that we get started.

And in this interim we need to be able to provide those seeking Medical Cannabis and Medical Cannabis Oil with a professional and safe product to use and stop trying to control the flow of plant material to people who need it for valid medical reasons.

The MCC and CDA both claim more research needs to be done, but why then are we not researching on these people who are genuinely seeking to buy Medical Cannabis or Cannabis Oil in South Africa to self medicate?

If we do not assist these people seeking treatment and pain relief from Medical Cannabis it does not make the problem go away, but in fact it just escalates the problem as now they are forced to buy Medical Cannabis or Cannabis Oil in South Africa from somewhere else. It is available from Cape Town to Durban to Joburg, in fact I doubt there is any place in South Africa where Cannabis Oil is not sold or cannot get sent to. Furthermore, by not supplying these patients with Medical Cannabis or Cannabis Oil we are actually only increasing the trade for the black market which in turn only makes it even larger and more difficult to control.

By providing patients with education and advice on Medical Cannabis and Cannabis Oil, together with providing a safe purchasing environment and quality products the Government CAN control this market.

Here’s to 2016 and the establishment of a controlled and regulated Medical Cannabis industry where competition is encouraged and no monopolies are allowed.

Because it is only in trying to do our best that we can become the best.

Please contact me should you need any information on Medical Cannabis in South Africa.

Yours in Medical Cannabis

Ralph Higgo

South AfriCAN

+27 81 411 5496