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CDCSA KZN The Cannabis industries Model 2021


Feedback from the CDCSA KZN Chapter.

The CDCSA KZN economic Cannabis industries Model 2021 overview

The current Cannabis industry in KZN is fast becoming one of the most advanced and progressive in the country, mainly due to a more relaxed attitude by authorities. The model seeks to encourage historically illegal cannabis business to formalize and register as tax paying entities, thereby creating wealth for the economy, provide employment and attract revenue to the province.

Yesterdays meeting was a historical day in the development of the Cannabis industry in SA! Well done to all involved.

I have taken the liberty to share a summary document of the industry model we are using to research the potentials and impacts of Cannabis business on society. Our focus has been on creating an economic environment that facilitates both informal, traditional and commercial cannabis growers in a fair and competitive way. Protecting the rights of IKS groups and providing them with a support system that helps them have fair representation in the South African emerging industry is critical.

This model is not perfect, but it’s a start, and it works well in the KZN context. The current value chain goes from grower to international markets is in place, with BGF Biotech EU our sister company in Portugal holding lucrative off take and trade agreements for whole plant products, fibre, bioplastics, biofuels, hemp composites throughout EU.

Please feel free to comment on the document, it is a working model that can be added to and expanded upon as the industry emerges.

May we all go from strength to strength in our endeavors and lets show the world we can easily take our place as major players in the global markets.

Much blessings!

Sheldon Cramer

The Bobby Greenhash Foundation


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