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Charlottes Web Strain South Africa

Cannabis Oil Scams in South Africa.

Another email sent in.

Published to help make South Africans aware of the various types of Cannabis Oil email scams which are going around.

Charlottes Web Strain IS NOT available in SA.

Don’t deal with ANYONE who promises you this Cannabis Oil strain.

Never engage with anyone who doesn’t use their real name.

From: Cbd&Thc Sales []
Sent: Friday, August 21, 2015 6:26 AM
To: Eduard *******
Subject: Medicinal Marijuana Gelatin Capsules

Many Thanks for interest in our products and We are introducing our gelatin Capsules for easy consumption and We use an advanced CO2 xtraction process to retain the efficacy of the oil extracted from special strain of the hemp plant.
For R2800 only, you get 6 months supply Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Pills(200 capsules) And a Free bottle of Coral Calcium (90 caps ) to alkalize your blood Ph.

For R2500 only, you get 6 months supply Rick Simpson oil (200
capsules) And a Free bottle of Coral Calcium (90 caps ) to alkalize your blood Ph.

We have mixed both Rick Simpson to be used at Night and Charlotte’s Web is great for daytime’s for at least 3/4 months for effective results………..Rick Simpson is also an excellent sedative/analgesic or pain killer but will make one high so its best for Bed time
Charlotte’s Web is great for daytime’s as you could go about normal activities relaxed.
Your Blood pH Balance is the most important factor to good health, as most serious illnesses or disease can be cured by just balancing your Blood pH. A too-acidic body affects every cell,every tissue, and every function of the body, provides a fertile terrain for bacteria, Virus and other microbes.

That is why I recommend building an alkaline body with Cannabis and Coral Calcium Pills.

Depending on medical issues…..severe cases requires a higher
dosage…the package comes with a leaflet and guidelines.

Prices includes shipping cost to anywhere in SA

Delivery Details 2 to 3 business days to Home or Office Address
With Legal Restrictions in Most Countries making it difficult for people to grown their own cancer cure, We offer the most hassle-free solution for getting your hands on Medicinal Marijuana….

Please note this is still a Banned or Prohibited substance in South Africa and most Countries but we do this for very sick people that needs serious help. As a crohns disease survivor, CBD patient,and 30 years in alternative medicine, I understand the importance of providing the highest quality ingredients possible. This is the highest grade CBD hemp oil. EVERY BATCH IS LAB TESTED WITH AN INDEPENDENT 3RD PARTY WHO PROVIDES US WITH A CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS. Our contracted cGMP FACILITY uses state of the art LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY and MEDICAL GRADE CO2
Thanks and best regards
Samantha FORSTER
CJB Botanicals™ (PTY™) South Africa