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Cannabis Testing South Africa

Cannabis Testing in South Africa

Are you searching for Cannabis Testing South Africa?

Do you want to test your Cannabis oil or Cannabis flowers for THC or CBD potency in South Africa?

Laboratories involved in the comprehensive testing of cannabis will typically test cannabis for residual solvents, physical and microbial contamination, potency, and terpenes.

Up until now South Africans have only had one option – NAFS.

Cannabis in South Africa is now a rapidly-growing industry. Medicinal cannabis undergoes lab testing, requiring the hiring of qualified individuals who understand lab setup as well as various testing procedures.

NAFS – National Analytical Forensic Services is based in Pretoria, South Africa and can test your Cannabis oil or Cannabis flowers. NAFS offers Analytical testing service in South Africa for Cannabis, GMP Quality Control, Environmental Monitoring, Heavy metal analysis, Residual Solvent analysis. Unfortunately NAFS are unable at this stage to test for Cannabis terpenes or THCa. They can test for THC, CBN and CBD.

When we first heard about this new Cannabis testing service in South Africa we were a little bit sceptical but welcomed the news that finally people would be able to test their Cannabis oil and/or Cannabis flowers.

We know of many people in South Africa who buy Cannabis oil online without knowing exactly what they are using and more importantly just how the Cannabis oil supplier produced it.

Residual solvent, heavy metals and pesticides are important to test for as many Cannabis oil suppliers in South Africa are using Benzene and/or denatured Isopropyl alcohol to make their dagga oil products and this is dangerous as these solvents contain carcinogens like arsenic and cyanide.

So many Cannabis oil suppliers and users did send in their Cannabis oil for Cannabis testing South Africa and were then confident and more informed about the Cannabis products they were using or producing.

Lately, we’ve been hearing reports about duplicated lab testing results circulating South Africa with many of the reports looking identical.

We follow the international Cannabis industry closely and early on we saw not only that people were paying Cannabis labs to falsify reports ie. inflate the Cannabinoid percentages, but that many of the lab test reports could not be replicated by a third party lab.

We recently sent in a batch of two different Cannabis oil samples to NAFS for testing. To cut a long story short we were unhappy with the Cannabinoid percentage results so we decided to send in another two samples for testing, from the same batch, produced via the same method, and bottled and stored identically as the previous samples sent in.

We were surprised when the results came back and they were different. Not only were the Cannabinoid percentages way off, but the one product had a CBD percentage of 2%. At this point we were not convinced because the strain used was a high THC strain with minimal CBD. When we questioned NAFS regarding the difference in the lab reports we were shocked to learn that they had accidently swapped the samples. This a cause for concern as we could have been running around waving a lab tested certificate for a Cannabis product which was lab tested at 2% CBD! The exercise has made us question not just the validity of the Cannabis lab testing results you have or the lab test your Cannabis oil supplier had provided you with.

This post is not about questioning the professionalism of NAFS, but rather the accuracy and availability of Cannabis testing South Africa. Clearly there is an urgent need for more Cannabis lab testing facilities in South Africa so Cannabis oil users can verify their lab results independently.

We also know that Cannabis growers in South Africa and Cannabis oil suppliers are also weary of sending in samples to NAFS for fear of becoming known as being a Cannabis oil supplier or Marijuana user.

NAFS have made it clear though that they will not share your personal information with anyone else unless forced to via SAPS or a court order. So you shouldn’t be concerned about sending in your samples and we encourage you to do just that, but perhaps try and find another method of testing to be sure the lab report is accurate.

Should you know of any other Cannabis testing facilities in South Africa please contact us or comment below.

Because if there’s only one choice then there is really no choice at all.