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Growing and Cultivating Cannabis in South Africa

How to grow Cannabis Seeds in South Africa.

Since it would appear that the legalization of Cannabis in South Africa is imminent.

Many South Africans are wanting to cultivate and grow Dagga for their own personal medicinal use at home.

When exactly Parliament will ratify and sign it into law remains to be seen.

If you are wanting to grow Cannabis/Dagga/Marijuana in South Africa then here are a few things you will need to know.

  1. Do you plan to grow your Cannabis indoors or outdoors?
  2. What type of Cannabis do you want to grow? For more information on Cannabis please click here.
  3. If indoors then you will need equipment like grow tents, extraction fan, lights etc.
  4. If outdoors it would depend on where in South Africa you live.
  5. Basically you want to plant after winter when the temperature is starting to warm up and the days become longer. If you live in Cape Town you will want to start germinating your Cannabis Seeds towards the end of August.
  6. Seeds! Where can you buy Cannabis/Dagga/Marijuana Seeds in South Africa? Well there are certain Cannabis Seedbanks in South Africa offering imported genetics, but they don’t come cheap.
  7. Growing mediums are also worth researching as growers tend to be partial to certain mixes.

Below is a video which easily explain how to germinate Cannabis seeds for home use.