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Cannabis Club South Africa

Cannabis Club South Africa

Have you considered joining our Cannabis Club South Africa?

South Africans are wanting to grow Cannabis at home for their own personal use.

People are searching online for more information on Cannabis in South Africa. They are wanting to know where they can buy Cannabis seeds in South Africa and how to grow Cannabis.

Currently Cannabis is still a Schedule 7 substance and it is illegal to grow it at home.

But with the recent Constitutional Court Challenge last year it’s only a matter of time until it is legal for you to grow your own Cannabis at home. In fact many people already believe it is legal and they are growing it at home.

Perhaps you are not aware but we have a very active Cannabis growers community club on facebook.

Are you wanting to learn more about cultivating Cannabis at home for personal use?

We will be starting a step by step guide on how to grow Cannabis at home which will be featured right here.

Everything you need to know from soil conditions, to where to buy Cannabis seeds and Cannabis clones in South Africa, right through to how to germinate your seeds and what nutrients to feed your plants and how to minimize pests and maximise yields.

We suggest signing up for our newsletter, it’s free and it will keep you updated on the latest events unfolding on the Cannabis industry in South Africa.

If you have any questions or need advice on growing Cannabis in South Africa for personal use then feel free to make use of the contact form to get in touch or comment below.

We also suggest joining our fb Cannabis Club South Africa where you can see what other members are growing and how they are growing it. The majority of members are South African and we aim to keep it that way.