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Medical Cannabis South Africa News

Medical Marijuana Card South Africa

So it’s nearly the end of January 2017 and like a lot of other South Africans we are eagerly awaiting news on the Medical Control Council’s ‘Blue Print’ which is due to be released this month.

Each and every single day I get emails and calls from people all over South Africa; Cape Town, Joburg, Durban etc. looking to buy Cannabis Oil/CBD Oil in South Africa or to get information on how to get a Medical Cannabis Card/Medical Marijuana Card to legally access Medical Cannabis in South Africa.

If the person is not making contact to buy Cannabis Oil in South Africa then it’s to find out how to get a permit or become a licenced grower of Cannabis/Marijuana/Dagga in South Africa.

So many South Africans now either use Cannabis Oil or know of someone who is using Cannabis Oil in South Africa.

And now they feel the ‘Green Rush’ is upon us and maybe they have grown one or two plants in their backyards and now want to find out how to get a Medical Cannabis/Medical Marijuana permit to legally grow Cannabis to sell in South Africa.

With this in mind, I recently contacted Professor Rees and Dr Joey Gouws of the Medicine’s Control Council of South Africa and asked them the following questions about Medical Marijuana.

As of yet I have not received an answer to these questions.

If you would like to see any of these questions answered then I suggest copying and pasting these Medical Cannabis questions and emailing them or calling them direct. Perhaps they will reply to you?

Professor Helen Rees:

Tel: 012 395 8003  E-mail address:

Dr JC Gouws – Chairperson of the Medicine’s Control Council – Registrar of Medicines

Tel: 012 395 8003  E-mail address:

Questions outlined below as requested.
1. What is the current legality or status of CBD Cannabidiol in South Africa?
2. Will existing products that contain CBD become regulated or controlled? Will CBD become a scheduled substance?
3. How is the licencing process being awarded or rolled out?
4. Are there currently any existing licences for cultivating Medical Cannabis for research purposes?
5. Will the Medical Cannabis which will be made available via a prescription still be via a Section 21 application or will a new application form be compiled?
6. Will the Medical Cannabis be made available in plant material form too or only capsule or isolated Cannabinoid medicine?
7. Will the initial Medical Cannabis plant material be grown in South Africa or imported from Overseas?
8. When will the ‘Blue Print’ for the medical cannabis licencing or prescription application process be made available to the public?