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Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Medical Cannabis Dispensary South Africa

2017 will be an interesting year for Medical Cannabis in South Africa.

Licences will be issued and competition encouraged which will ultimately lift the quality and standards of the industry as well as the products which are available in South Africa.

From seed to sale. From the growing and cultivation of quality Cannabis for medicinal use to Cannabis Oil extracts and Cannabis vape cartridges, business is set boom.

Patient accessibility to Cannabis and Cannabis products alongside the ability to purchase a safe product in a safe environment will be the core focus, together with education around the Cannabis plant and its many different applications for medicinal use.

Have a look at the video below of Arizona Natural Selections which sets a pretty high benchmark or standard that Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in South Africa should aim to meet.

At the moment there isn’t a legal or sanctioned Medical Cannabis Dispensary website in South Africa.

Are you wanting to obtain a Medical Cannabis Card or a Medical Marijuana permit to legally cultivate Cannabis in South Africa for medicinal use? Then please click here to view the Medical Cannabis application form.