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How to get a medical cannabis card South in Africa?

medical cannabis card south africa

Do you want or need a medical cannabis card in South Africa?

We encourage all those who would like to participate in the Introduction and Educational Session for “Benefits of a Medicinal Cannabis Card” to be held on Wednesday 20 April 2022 at 12h30pm to register by email’

In order to understand the process, we would encourage you to attend the session as this will unpack the requirements and explain that the price of the Medicinal Cannabis prescribed will depend on the consultation the Patient has with the Medical Doctor.

Let’s shape the future of Cannabis together! Join us for a 1hour session of a focused discussion on the Section21 Application process for a Medicinal Cannabis ID Card. Every application requires the potential Patient to undergo an educational session and we are facilitating this via our online session.

Pre-Online Event:

1. Registration fee of R800/person includes:

a. Online Educational Session

b. Courier Fees door-to-door

c. Introductory Pack required for the session that includes:

· 3-page educational pack

· 2 part application forms for Section21

· Medical cannabis packaging sample

· Medical cannabis tray sample

On Registration:

1. On receipt of Proof of Payment and confirmation of receipt with the bank you will be sent the Introductory Pack via Courier.

2. You will receive the link to attend the online session.

Post Online Event:

1. You will receive the contact details for the authorized person to facilitate your requirements through the process.

2. You will receive a copy of the recording and an electronic version of the forms that are part of the Introductory Pack you will receive.

You are welcome to forward the pre-registration information, but in order for the session to be of value for those attending, we need to send them the Introductory Pack.

If you have further questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact the Organising Team at ‘’